Each user of smartphones Apple wants to get more runtime from the battery.

Sometimes users accept the most unjustified decisions to deal with rapid discharge.

We have gathered 5 of the most common myths about batteries in the iPhone.

Myth #1: Closing unused apps extend the “life” of the battery.

Many users constantly unload app window multitasking, and recommend this method to others. The company Apple has commented on this situation in the following way:

“In fact, closing applications does not increase the autonomy of the device, but rather increases consumption of battery power to re-launch these applications. We suggest to unload them from memory, only when they cease to respond”.

Myth #2: Leaving the phone plugged to a power source at night, damage to the battery.

Maybe a few years ago this issue was relevant, but nowadays, modern smartphones have an improved power controller that protects the phone from excessive energy consumption.

At 100% battery, connected power supply does not affect it.

The important role played by the recharge cycles of the battery.

Standard battery is designed to preserve 80 % of its original capacity for 500 full charge cycles when operating in normal conditions.


Myth #3: Replacing the battery guarantees an increased autonomy.

After last year’s scandal with the slowing of smartphones, Apple has acknowledged his guilt and offered users a battery replacement for USD 29. Many consumers began to change their battery for a new one, but the time of use from the charged battery has increased only 10% received by the service centers of the devices.

To check the battery status, you can go to “Settings — > Battery — > battery Status (beta)”. If the “Max capacity” above 80%, you should not worry about the replacement.

Myth #4: Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will help extend battery life.


Standards technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi does not consume energy, even when enabled, but not used. Therefore, the deactivation does not play any role.

In fact Wi-Fi consumes less power than a cellular network, especially in places with bad reception, and Apple recommends leaving Wi-Fi always on.

Myth #5: the brightness reduces battery life.


Apple has denied this rumor, stating that on the contrary this function increases the usage time of the battery.

We recommend that you do not believe the myths, and to follow the official instructions from Apple.


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