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Today you can download free tool for learning new words. The app shows flash cards with terms or images, and offers two options: “remember”, “don’t remember”.

When you select the second program sends the card for re-examination.


Bright pixel puzzle-a maze in which the player will have to find special blocks. The difficulty lies in the fact that the visibility of the user is significantly limited, and to find the right way too difficult.

Remote KeyPad + NumPad

Remote KeyPad solves the problem of the lack of many Apple computers keyboard unit with numbers. It turns your iPhone into a virtual addition to the built-in computer keys.

Turbo Wheels

Charming game about racing mini-cars. The game is available for 25 cars, each of which can be modify and improve for yourself. Races are held in four countries: Brazil, Canada, Japan and Africa.

Slayway Camp

Another puzzle is highly appreciated by many major industry publications like 9to5Mac and Touch Arcade. During the game users will have to solve 140 the bloody and frightening task. Very unusual and interesting product, which you should definitely try out while giving it nothing.


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