Show you how to simplify embedded application for making notes and to avoid problems.

Organize a quick access notes

Have embedded application for making notes is a very handy widget and a separate button to start the control points. First, you can include the following:

  • To open a screen with widgets.
  • Click on the “Edit”button.
  • Click on the green icon for application Notes.

On the widget displays the last three notes, which you edited, and buttons to create notes and scans.

These buttons can also be opened from the control room. To do this:

  • To open the device settings.
  • Select sub-control Point.
  • Select “Configure ale. management.”
  • Click on the green icon for application Notes.

Now new records can be created without even unlocking the device.

Even faster access to your notes

If you have a note, in which you continually add new materials, you can create a shortcut on the lock screen, leading to the correct record. To do this:

  • To install the application Workflow.
  • Open it and choose the option “Create Workflow”.
  • In the tab Actions you need to find the URL and Open the URL and display them in the tab Workflow.
  • Then open the Notes app.
  • Select “Add users” and copy the note link.
  • Then you need to paste the link in the item URL in the Workflow and save.
  • Now on the lock screen will be a button to instantly jump to the selected note.

Bulk import and export notes

The built-in notes you can import records from other programs. To do this, open the program on your Mac and choose the option “Import Notes” in the menu “File”. And for export will have to use a third-party solution. For example, the utility Notes Exporter.


The built-in Notes the scanner can automatically determine the boundaries of the document and does it well almost always. However, sometimes he behaves inappropriately and confused. In this case, you do not need to revolve around the sheet or business card with the camera. You need to manually take a snapshot, then specify border and not rely on automation. The end result is even better. Also it is better to share the scan with the desired destination or store it in iCloud. In the “Notes” they are not always displayed correctly.

Beware of tables

The ability to create table in “Notes” – it’s cool. But there are more suitable tools (Numbers, Excel), and make better use of them. The thing is that as soon as the table will gather a large number of fields, the application will begin to slow down wildly and hang. Of course, to work in such conditions is simply impossible. So don’t rely on “Notes” if you want to create a big table.


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