A week before presentation 6.1-inch iPhone appeared on the Internet pictures of him in red, blue and white colors, according to Slashleaks.

Apple is hoping that new colors will help increase sales 6.1-inch iPhone. To do this, the company will release the smartphone in red, yellow, orange, pink, blue, white, gray and black colors. Before the Internet there were pictures of future iPhone only in classic colors.

But Slashleaks managed to find a 6.1-inch iPhone in white, red and blue colors. Interestingly, aluminium frame painted in the same color as the body of the phone.

6.1-inch iPhone will be the cheapest smartphone in the lineup in 2018. Instead of the OLED screen and dual cameras, it will receive the LCD display and one camera at the rear. In this performance he will not yield to the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max.

Since the beginning of 2018, there were reports that the production of 6.1-inch iPhone is accompanied by problems. But according to the latest rumors, it will go on sale with iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max on September 21.


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