This fall Apple will present iPhone three. One of them, according to rumors, could cost $ 600-700. If this is true, it will be the most popular iPhone.

It is expected that Apple will unveil a new 6.1-inch smartphone with iPhone design X, but with price as the iPhone 8. Apple has already proved that she can sell any phone, including over $ 1,000. However, users almost never pay attention to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus because iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Almost certainly it can be argued that iPhone X was a trial version. Apple wanted to understand how users would perceive a similar form factor and high price. It turned out that this is no problem, so in 2018, most likely, Apple will finally bury the smartphones with solid rectangular displays.

In their place come two new models. iPhone X Plus, as it is called in the network will be enlarged version of the iPhone X. Another smartphone — the iPhone with 6.1-inch screen. He has all the chances to take the place of the iPhone 7 in the market.


As discussed above, the diagonal of its screen is 6.1 inch. In contrast to the other two iPhone, it will not receive OLED display. Instead, Apple will install a LCD-matrix — all for the sake of cheaper production. However, he will also be frameless.

Buyers of this option will suit you. Many iPhone owners don’t know what size the display with their smartphone, not to mention the type of matrix. Importantly, the screen was bright and oversaturated colors.


According to rumors, Apple will abandon the steel frame, like the iPhone X, and replace it with aluminum. There is also no problems with public acceptance should not be in the iPhone with 2012 aluminum frame.

Alleged iPhone design with a 6.1-inch screen.

Given that most iPhone users carry the smartphone in a case, they will not even pay attention to it, and the glass heel.


Dual camera, which was introduced in iPhone 7 Plus, for two years, has not changed. Three times optical zoom will appear only in 2019.

Background blur is not the right thing. Usually it is played in the first month after purchase and then forget. Firstly, it’s no surprise with the blurred background. Second, not all photos need this effect.

One camera will suit many. The main requirement to it — to shoot well, and Apple has no problem with that.


6.1-inch iPhone will be installed the A12 CPU as the older models. But Apple can leave 3 GB of RAM and with 4 GB to write for the more expensive iPhone. In any case, performance problems will not be. Besides iOS 12 well optimized.

The owners of the old iPhone will definitely notice a performance increase. Current iPhone users will also notice an increase in speed, but in a more expensive iPhone because unlikely to buy this model.

Other little things

  • 6.1-inch iPhone will be Face ID. For some it is more important than the dual camera, because the smartphone is becoming more secure.
  • Perhaps there will be an exclusive color. Recently popular insider Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the cheaper iPhone will receive six variants of the design. Most likely, Apple decided to apply the strategy with the colors of the iPhone 5c to whet the interest of young buyers.
  • Fast charging. The latest rumors indicate that Apple will finally begin to put quick charging in the box with new smartphones. The younger model, it will also be.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple has decided to release more smartphones with LCD screen, although initially it was planned that the company will make the same number of devices. This is another signal that Apple will give this smartphone a lot of attention, so he can really impress.


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