6 the important point is that Apple needs to copy from GoogleПредставив this fall iPhone XR Apple, repeated the trick of their competitors. A year ago, Google refused to use an additional PV panel to blur the background, replacing it with the software package.

Someone will say that it is your own original idea of the team of jony Ive. Someone calls using iPhone XR only one camera marketing ploy (it is necessary to separate “colored” iPhone from the flagship of the company). Someone will accuse the company outright copying. The truth we know.

But can you tell me what are the things Apple should learn from Google, the fans would have been delighted.

1. The function of Top Shot, which saves time

A new generation of Google Pixel boasts feature Top Shot: this is when the smartphone, making continuous shooting, recommend the best photo out of all, analyzing images using machine learning.

The algorithm independently estimates the smiles, takes into account the open eyes and direction of gaze of humans in the picture. Creative promotional video shows the new chip.

Apple, I don’t want to waste time choosing from the suitable photo. In your new smart phones powerful hardware, let them do everything.

2. The Photobooth function that simplifies shooting

Google able to take photos automatically. The software can decide when to make the best photo. The algorithm can be set in a smile, grimace, protruding tongue, etc.

If the competition is such that I’m looking forward to this and of the Cupertinos. In the 21st century, in the end.

Apple, when iPhone will be to understand all the desires of a user independently?

3. A function Call Screen, which has zero tolerance for spam

Those who are tired of the calls from the banks with credit offers or from telephone polls, a new feature Google will be a great success.

The point is that when you receive a call from an unknown caller Call Screen allows you to deal with the “problem” personal Secretary — Assistant Google.

The program will be the caller and ask what he wants from the owner, which in turn will see the conversation in text form. How it works you can see in the video.

Apple, can you teach Siri?

4. Unlimited cloud that we deserve

Apple capital limits of iPhone owners in the free space of iCloud is only 5 GB. This is enough for a backup.

Buying Google Pixel 3, the user is able to make backup copies of your photos in their original resolution. And the owner of the device will get unlimited cloud until January 2022. Serious bonus.

Apple poorly for owners of new devices to submit such “buns”?

5. Pixel Stand wireless charging, which is

While Apple engineers, apparently, are still struggling with hardware problems of innovative wireless (mythical) charging stations AirPower, Google released the Pixel Stand.

It is a proprietary wireless charging standard Qi, when installed on the smartphone gets a few extra features.

For example, a slideshow of pictures in memory (you can choose a photo album from your Google account Photo), interactive calendar, music player and upgraded assistant. In other words, Pixel Stand will turn the smartphone into a kind of frame.

Apple may release at least some branded wireless device?

6. Automatic analogue Shazam

A year ago, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL appeared blocking feature called “Now playing”.

If the next smartphone will play music, the smartphone will display the artist name and song title at the bottom of the screen. In the Pixel 3 you can also see a history of listened tracks with a smartphone. The smartphone remembers the time and date identify a song. It’s incredibly convenient.

In the iPhone to know the name of the song you listened, you want to ask the name Siri or launch Shazam.

Apple, why did you buy Shazam if you do not develop the service?

I think that most users of iPhones have been satisfied if the above features would appear in their smartphones. Apple, you start with copy, portrait mode, keep going.

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