7 main news of the week. Yandex. Drive, Apple Card, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
Sergey Kuznetsov and Vakhtang Makharadze continue each week in the show ForGeeks to discuss new technologies, gadgets and everything connected with it. In the new issue will talk about how Yandex will punish the arrogant drivers in car sharing, when you see the Apple Card, what’s new in the second game Xiaomi smartphone Black Shark, what will be the new Galaxy Note 10 and to wait for us Galaxy foldable Fold. As well as, discuss the huge fine Facebook and how you can get games and apps in Google Play subscription.

Zen on the roads

Zen in Drive

Car Sharing Yandex. Drive using telematics to monitor driver and if their driving style is too aggressive, will begin to issue warnings. Hope inadequate drivers of this car-share will eventually become smaller. Thank You, Yahoo!

New game Xiaomi

Xiaomi Black Shark 2
Xiaomi has released a new mobile game Black Shark 2. In fact, just updated the processor to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+. But at a price of $ 425 is a very good option if you need a powerful phone for for games.

The Apple Card is about to appear

Card Apple Card

The Apple Card will be released this month. Only in the US, but may reach to Russia. The most important advantage card cashback, well and premium design. However, in Russia many banks such cards are already doing, but agree to have the card Apple is much steeper.

To Galaxy Note 10 not to be buttons

Frameless and besknopochnogo Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Samsung is about to release the new phablet Galaxy Note 10. And according to rumors, it will refuse to 3.5 mm Jack (Oh no!) and physical buttons, instead they are touch pad with vibration. In principle, a good move to provide the perfect protection from moisture, but whether this is useful — it’s unclear.

Galaxy Fold will come out

Foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold

Well, like Galaxy Fold, the first folding phone Samsung, is also completed. He was represented at 2019 MWC in Barcelona in March, but when distributed to journalists, they found a few problems. The screen broke, if you remove the film (although in General it was not necessary to touch), and the mechanism got dust and it started to crackle. In General, the company assures that all defects are eliminated and in September, supposedly, will be the second attempt conclusion the Galaxy Fold on the market. Let’s wait and see.

Subscription to games and apps in Android

Google Play Store

Google started testing the service Play Pass: for a fixed monthly fee, users will get access to hundreds of games and apps without ads. The initiative is interesting, but if it doesn’t get rid of in-game purchases (and most likely is not), it greatly save still will not work.

Fine Facebook

Sad Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook can not ensure the security of user data. At this time, the company was fined as much as $ 5 billion for breach of privacy. If the social network don’t handle it, then they face new fines and possible criminal prosecution. But in the meantime, we think that 5 billion is a trivia for Mark and his team, so Facebook will handle it.

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