Gadgets for sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle: what they are, how much and why? In this review, only the most interesting and popular device that will help you lose weight, improve health and gain good physical shape.

Despite the fact that in 2019 the February lasted almost 60 days, we are still hoping for the arrival of spring and maybe even summer. But as we all know, spring is the perfect time to start a new, active and healthy lifestyle. Practice walking, Jogging, sit on the bike to go into the pool. And the industry of “high technology” is ready to help (although not free) all sonicam in this endeavor.

Devices for sports and health can be divided into professional (sports and medical) and those that are designed for a mass audience. The first is designed for professional athletes and use under medical supervision. We are not going to stop, but the “wearable devices” to a broad range of users to discuss in detail.

Let’s start with the main device to all athletes — fitness-tracker. More precisely, with its most popular varieties — fitness bracelet.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Of course, the most popular fitness bracelets in the world are now gadgets line the Xiaomi Mi Band. The combination of good user performance and low prices have made these bracelets are a real hit.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 — the new device in the line of Mi Band. Let’s start with its athletic possibilities. 3 Mi Band is able to count the steps and distance, to convert them into calories. This fitness tracker is able to distinguish between slow walking, fast Jogging, Cycling. The bracelet can measure heart rate, monitor the duration and quality of sleep. The signature Mi Fit app, you can manually add other types of sports activities.

Mi Band 3 you can shower, swim and even dive to a depth. Time Autonomous work up to 20 days. The bracelet features a touch OLED-display with a diagonal of 0.78 inches and it displays not only sports stats, and date, day of week, weather, notifications from smartphone apps and calendar. There is a stopwatch and fiberbuilt. When there is an incoming call, the bracelet vibrates and you can even ignore the call.

Buy Mi Band 3 in about 1900 rubles.

Fitbit Charge 3
Product from one of the world’s first manufacturers of smart bracelets. Fitbit Charge 3 device a higher price level than the Mi Band 3. Do Charge quite a large display, making the device similar to a smart watch. The bracelet is equipped with an accelerometer, altimeter, ambient light sensor, a built-in heart rate monitor with continuous heart rate measurement. It can automatically identify different types of physical activity, including strength training, walking, running, Biking and swimming.

The device has protection against water (to a depth of 50 metres). The bracelet is open seven days from a single charge. In Charge 3 there is fiberbuilt on the screen of the bracelet, you can read notifications from various applications.

Fitbit Charge 3 counts not just quantity of sleep, but also can assess its quality. Note a very clever app for smartphones, where the bracelet and collected and analyzed all information.

Price from 10 thousand rubles.

Garmin Vívosmart 4
Really eye-catching and functional activity tracker from the famous manufacturer of accessories for athletes and travelers. During the day the device counts steps, floors, lifting, calories burned, time intensive, and so on. When used for strength training device may record the number of exercises, repetitions and approaches, a time of rest and stress. If you forget to start the timer, then the Move function, the IQ will automatically detect these types of loads, such as walking, swimming, Cycling and sessions on the elliptical trainer. A function to monitor the energy Body Battery uses a range of indicators (stress level, heart rate, sleep quality, and data sessions) to measure the body’s energy reserves. High rates mean that you are ready for classes, and low rates — what you need to relax and unwind prior to exercise. A Pulse Ox of your Vívosmart device 4 calculates the degree of oxygen saturation of blood. Watching the rate Pulse Ox, you can evaluate how well your body metabolizes oxygen. Plus, 4 Vivosmart is able to track the periods of shallow, deep and REM sleep.

Of course, Vívosmart 4 is able to show notifications from apps. In General, this is a very advanced, high-quality, but… quite expensive fitness bracelet. Price — 15 thousand rubles.

Smart watch For those who believe that a fitness bracelet — it’s too simple a device and wants to receive from the wearable device is high, there is an accessory, like a smart watch.

Amazfit Bip
Let’s start with Amazfit Bip from “daughter” (Huami) already mentioned Xiaomi. The watch has a color display diagonal of 1.28 inches, which day works as a e-ink screen, reflecting light, and at night or in low light conditions activates the backlight. This solution allows to extend the working time. On a single charge watch able to work from 20 to 45 days depending on the load.

Thanks to the integrated GPS-module clock can be used as a tracker to record workouts and routes-no smartphone needed. Sync with Mi Fit occurs after connecting the watch to a smartphone. At device there is a protection standard IP68. That is Amazfit Bip can swim and use them in the rain.

In hours many different sports functions: pedometer, heart rate tracking (including online when training). Watch monitor the quality of sleep of the user. They can be used as fiberbuilt. Information about incoming calls and notifications from applications received on the clock screen, and some responses can be done without taking your smartphone out of a pocket (e.g., switch to silent mode, reject the call).

In Amazfit Bip has four sports programs: running outside, Biking, treadmill, walking. Depending on the activity includes the various functions and gathers various information. For example, when walking activates the GPS and clock record the track, notify the user by vibration of each kilometer travelled. When Biking clock as a speedometer.

Price Amazfit Bip — from 4.2 thousand rubles.

Galaxy Watch Active

The new version of the sports watch from Samsung at a fairly humane (for Galaxy series) price. The Galaxy Watch the Active round аmoled spectacular display. Has touch controls and two physical buttons. Watch supports 39 types of physical activity, automatically recognize running and Cycling. Automatic pausing during a workout. Protection against water pressure up to five atmospheres, integrated GPS, optical heart rate sensor, tracking time and quality of sleep. Watch can monitor the blood pressure (so far, however, this experimental option is greyed out) and are able to determine the stress level of the owner. There is a microphone for voice commands, NFC-enabled contactless payment system Galaxy Pay, support a large number of applications and notifications.

The watch is compatible with standard (20 mm) watch straps. The average time of work without recharging for about two days.

Price — 17 thousand rubles.

Apple Watch Series 4
And finally, for all iPhone owners have the latest version of the Apple Watch. Watch is produced in two versions — 44 and 40 mm and features a dual core 64-bit processor S4. In Series 4 there is an electric heart rate sensor, optical heart rate sensor, the detection of fall and barometric altimeter. Water resistant to a depth of 50 meters. The Apple Watch accelerometer Series 4 can measure the g-forces of up to 32 g, a microphone, speaker and support payment system Apple Pay.

With the hours you can receive notifications, read emails (the size of the dial make it possible to do so), to mark messages and delete unwanted ones. You can also reply to messages using voice input (voice converted to text) or leave a voice message in the messenger. To answer you can use templates: “Yes”, “No”, “OK”, “I’m busy” or create your own.

With Apple Watch you can make and receive their calls: hours allow you to talk without using iPhone. The sound from the speakers is pretty loud. On the Apple Watch you can also download the audio content, switch tracks, adjust the volume, put the track on pause. There is, however, a caveat — the Apple Watch need wireless headphones.

On the Apple Watch, you can set the level of daily activity, based on the number of calories you want to spend. Through the app on your iPhone or on your watch screen you can see how many steps and what distance you have walked, how many floors climbed. Apple Watch Series 4 regularly checks your heart rate. Can see how it changed during the day. But if your heart rate suddenly becomes very low or very high, Apple Watch will let you know.

Watch allow you to record a huge variety of workouts. Cardio, walking, running, Biking, ellipsoid, swimming (the Apple Watch is water-resistant to 50 meters and is able to remove water trapped in the holes). Watch also are able to recognize an increase in activity and go to the training mode automatically.

The battery life is about a day. Price of the Apple Watch Series 4 — from 32 thousand rubles. Apple Watch Series 3 — from 23 thousand rubles.

What else can be useful of Course, headphones. Sports music much more enjoyable than without it.

What are the requirements to headphones for sports:

needs to be wireless needs to securely stay in my ear needs to be water-resistant must pass outside sounds (for safety training)

Of these headphones a lot. For example, we can recommend several new, fully wireless models, with separate right and left headphones.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 is a very good new headphones for sports. Reliable fastening, moisture protection, up to five hours in the listening mode and up to 10 hours of additional work time when using the charging case, the ability to hear ambient sound for increased safety during training. Price — 9 thousand rubles.

Elite 65t Jabra Active — headset with excellent sound, Reliable and comfortable fit in the ear. Protection against water and dust to standard IP56. On a single charge device can work up to five hours and up to 15 hours when using pocket charging case. The price is 11 thousand.

Buds Samsung Galaxy: note a very compact case, secure fit in the ear, the adaptive microphone for the headset in noisy places. The battery life to six hours without recharging. Support wireless charging. Touch-sensitive controls. Price — 10 thousand rubles.

In addition to headphones, important fitness accessory can be called a “smart” wireless scale. These scales are not simply transferred to the smartphone application your weight, but also equipped with bio-impedance sensors that can assess body composition using electrical resistance. They determine the body mass index, percentage of fat, muscle and bone tissue and other important body parameters.

Note and such popular models like the Xiaomi Fat Scale 2 (2600 rubles), Huawei AH100 Body Fat Scale (2100 rubles) and Mini Picooc (2100 rubles).

And finally, the cheapest and affordable accessory for sport is a sporty case for smartphone, mounted on the shoulder. The thing is that if you set your smartphone fitness app or use the built-in, which is each manufacturer, your device will be replaced and a fitness bracelet and smart watches. Only one minus: with this case you can do not every kind of physical activity. To swim, for example, it is not very convenient.

Similar cases sell famous manufacturers of accessories, such as Belkin, Griffin, Tribe Casees and dozens of little-known Chinese companies.

We wish you all good health and excellent fitness!

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