This question was asked by any beginner (and not only) entrepreneur. So I want that costs were reduced and profits grew, catching up on the results of Apple and Ebay. But to achieve these goals you need to manage your business the same advanced methods. We together with experts of the company Cloud Technology have tried to compile a list of current rules on doing business, which will help increase profits and reduce costs.

1. Properly dispose of resources

Stable income is not an indicator of a company’s success. It is important that it is not ranged at the same level, but increased steadily. No pragmatic policy owner is almost impossible. He needs not just to collect the Golden eggs, and use them to improve the situation of the company. This can be done in different ways: the search for alternative suppliers, cooperation with which will attract the attention of potential customers, investing in effective advertising and promotion, the expansion and opening of branches. Thus it is necessary to focus on reducing production costs: the less you spend, the more funds for the development you have. Invest in quality equipment that improves the performance, lead the evaluation of staff performance, find financial gaps, review logistics, and find a more advantageous material, not inferior in quality. Simply put, systematically reduce costs, and profits to invest in development. Let the money work for you.

2. Pay attention to outsourcing

We grew up on films where a successful company is a big office in a skyscraper with an army of employees. Yes, it is prestigious and it contributes to the formation of the image, but have to pay for it. In most cases there is no need to include the entire state in one place: the workflow is structured, tasks are transferred from one employee to another. The same model can be realized if we build the work outsourced. Collaboration with remote employees and freelancers will reduce expenses for rent, maintenance, electricity and employment zones. In some cases, this significantly improves performance. If the employee does not have to get up 2 hours before work to get myself right and get to the office. He works in familiar surroundings, without distractions, and most importantly — realizes that his work day is limited to the implementation of the plan. This gives extra motivation faster to do things and be free. So you will be able to reduce the costs and increase the efficiency of labor.

3. Use quality software

The licensed software will make the job of any team is easier and more stable. Yes, you can find pirated versions or free ones, but it will significantly affect the workflow. The lack of official support of the developer, complexity of integration with other services, coders under the guise of the cracked versions of popular programs is only a small part of the upcoming problems. That is why you should think about buying licensed software. I have to admit, the purchase of licenses is not cheap. Widespread penetration of high speed Internet has allowed to pass to the distribution of programs via subscription, such as Microsoft, Adobe, AutoDesk, IBM has long been spread as its flagship products and highly specialized solutions. Not far behind, and Russia: the company Cloud Technology gives the ability to use the licensed configuration on the platform 1C without buying. All you need is a computer with Internet access. The work comes not necessarily through the browser — accessible and native apps for all mobile and desktop operating systems.

This option allows you to simultaneously reduce costs and benefit from a stable protected licensed software. For example, the purchase of “1C:Accounting, 1C:SPP” and the server for remote operation five users would cost a total of more than 620 000 rubles for 3 years. While renting in Cloud Technology for the same amount of people and the period will amount to 172 800 rubles! In case monthly payment is 4 800 for 5 users. You do not need to worry about backups and won’t need additional equipment — employees can work on licensed software from your computer at home. Learn more about the services of Cloud Technology →

4. Enter the accounts at all levels

Effective work is impossible without a clearly structured workflow. Each employee must understand their role. Otherwise, the overlay of one can affect all the others. Planning a workflow not an end in itself, but a way of time management that will allow everyone to achieve great results in work and moving the company forward. To resolve this problem, it is important to have a system of accountability work. Not once a month, and literally daily. It helps to identify weaknesses and to identify employees who do not handle, however, is to encourage those who are doing above the norm. This can be a great motivation to improve productivity and will allow management to make changes to the personnel policy, improving the quality and level of development of employees.

5. Track the activities of competitors

We’re not talking about what they need to blatantly copy, just follow their marketing, production and pricing. This will help to predict risks and to build a counter line of lobbying. You will be able to adjust their offer and make it competitive. Need in-depth approach to this issue, to understand why the target audience might choose your competitors. Identify their strengths and weaknesses, to learn from the error committed by them and try to oppose beneficial to your company. Creating competitive advantage in the form of price, quality of goods and services, level of maintenance, more flexible system of loyalty, you can increase sales and thus improve the reputation of the company.

6. Create a beneficial working atmosphere

If a particular business does not allow you to use outsourcing, it is important to create conditions for maximum comfort and productivity of subordinates. First, there is no office dress code, if we are not talking about the protective or corporate uniform. Shirts and pants will not increase efficiency, so there is no need to torture people. The main thing that the clothes were convenient and neat. In the case of the corporate form is also important convenience, so do not skimp on the quality of fabric and design. Create your own corporate philosophy, try to rally the team. Often arrange joint trips to the cinema, restaurants, outings. Don’t make them to be colleagues, and let be friends who want to help each other in difficult situations. It can minimize stress, gossip and conflict, and therefore will have more time to work.

7. Do not be afraid to attract investors

Private profit may miss out on some of the global innovations, for example, the opening of the branch. Search and room rental, supplies, procurement of goods or raw materials, recruitment of staff to master it is quite difficult, and to take out a loan means to pay. This problem can be solved by investing. Find partners or investors interested in your business. Offer to become a representative or to buy their own franchise. This will allow to expand the sphere of influence without additional financial losses and risks, will give potential and, more importantly, a resource for development. The main thing — sharing resources: pre-calculate all potential costs, make a detailed business plan to the investor understood that his money go. This will simultaneously increase the probability of agreement and give you a clear idea about the sequence of actions.

Remember, all the innovations come from small. Start with what requires the most attention. For example, search and update desktop software and software that will enhance productivity. The same rent 1C in Cloud Technology will help to expose and close accounts, conduct in-depth analysis, eliminates the possibility of data leakage and virus infection, automatically creates backups, will increase the rate of response to treatment will make employees more mobile and will save your money. All these benefits will give only one action, and introducing others, you will have to break out of the cocoon of stagnation. Rent 1C in Cloud Technology →

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