Experts TV Time and UTA IQ published a report on a joint study of the attitudes and expectations of American consumers in the rapid development of the market of the care.

In the survey, analysts examined the levels of awareness of audience and distribution services, purchasing intention, attracting and repelling consumers factors. In addition, respondents called optimal, in their opinion, the number of subscriptions and rates, as well as their preferences in assortment of types and forms of content. The obtained statistics are summarized as follows:

The majority of respondents (70%) believe that streaming services became too much and worry that to add new subscriptions will soon become too expensive (87%).

Following on the popularity of negative factors have become a forced necessity to switch between services (67%), problems with account setup and interface (58%) and difficulty finding interesting content (45%).

56% prefer a paid subscription that eliminates ads, while 44% agree to watch ads, if its not too much.

The majority (90%) consumers preferred a single subscription to have access not only to the original content, but to which we distribute products; 68% consider it important or necessary to the platform was located only original content.

The survey also showed the level of awareness among consumers about the upcoming launch of a new streaming platforms:

The most recognizable new streaming brands Disney+ (88%) and Apple TV+ (63%), followed by HBO’s Max (37%) and Peacock (28%).

Among the audience of the children of those who are not going to sign up for Disney+ doubts or more (57%) than among childless users (55%), indicating that the popularity of “adult” movie and TV franchises owned by Disney+.

From disney brands most popular among the respondents was Marvel (77%) and Pixar (71%). Top most anticipated premiere: “Mangalore”, “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, “Vandalize”, “Loki”, “Hawkeye”, “What/if” and “she-Hulk”.

Interested in subscribing to an AppleTV+ became among the respondents, 10% more after they learned about some of the announced novelties in the catalog of original production of the service.

Joe Kessler and David Herrin (UTA IQ): “We are studying the attitude of the consumer audience to a rapidly developing new generation television. And this unique era, a truly “Golden age” for TV today produced a record number of first-class products, is experiencing high demand for talent, and this competition is good for the quality of the content that consumes the viewer. We will continue to monitor market dynamics and gather statistics that are useful for understanding the situation and making the right decisions.”

According to the survey, the greatest chance for success has Disney+, but it does not involve any significant barriers to other market players: the majority of respondents (70%) noted that they are unlikely to cancel a subscription for the currently used service when the disney platform will work.

In addition to consumers from U.S. experts TV Time and UTA interviewed people from three other countries where Disney+ will start to work in November, the Netherlands, Canada and Australia. The statistics showed how many similar and some fundamental differences in the attitudes of these audiences compared to the us. In particular, the hype about the imminent release on the market Disney was more moderate: if the States strong intention to become subscribers expressed 56% of respondents, but in the Netherlands at 49%, Canada 42%, in Australia — 38%.

Vice President of TV Time Alex von Krogh: “the position of Disney+ look very convincing in the domestic market, however, companies need to think through a promotion strategy abroad. Industry experts should closely monitor the development of Disney+ on a global scale and to compare the statistics for the platform and its closest competitors in different national markets.”

SOURCE: Advanced Television

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