New York-based company 7Park Data, specializing in data conversion technologies and digital Analytics, today announced an updated version of its flagship product — platform Media and Entertainment.

Now the platform allows you to cross-platform statistics on content from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video (for this service, the customers of the platform first became available statistics from the UK and Germany). Available very useful statistical criteria for daily and monthly reports on audience activity audience in the first 90 days after the premiere, demographics, the popularity of certain brands and much more.

Cross-platform analysis will allow customers 7Park Data — representatives of the entertainment and media industry to understand what the content is original or licensed, more popular audience Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, and how they prefer to consume the audience. And that is especially important in light of the imminent debut on the market of services-from giants Disney and Apple, quickly identify the causes of the outflow of the audience, or reducing its activity.

In addition to the UK and Germany 7Park Data plan in the coming months to run statistics on the users of Amazon Prime Video in Canada, Australia, Italy, Japan and Brazil. At the moment, the service offers access to audience (more than 6 million unique users) platforms streaming video on demand thousands of titles of video content in 54 countries.

“Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video don’t share the useful statistics from studios, networks, actors’ agencies and other representatives of the video industry, who need these data to make competent decisions and develop an effective strategy. And the hotter inflames competition between streaming platforms, the more important to rely on accurate data for the audience, including a breakdown of the users of different devices and services, geographic and other parameters, — says head of media and entertainment at 7Park Data John Sollecito. — Our platform is becoming an indispensable and unsurpassed efficiency tool that allows news organisations to obtain the statistics leading streaming services in near real time.”

SOURCE: StreetInsider

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