A modern smartphone is far less functional than, say, 10 years ago. Yes, many functions are now working much better than before, but still there are things that are either not doing or doing, but nobody pays attention at purchase.


One time about modular smartphones broadcast “from every iron”. Various designs of modular smartphones were the winners of the MWC and IFA exhibitions. But now we have a LG G5, about which the company itself is trying to forget, Moto Z2 Play, forgotten everything except motofanat.

Why modularity is necessary to nobody? Because a smartphone is not a computer. A typical desktop can be almost any shape and size — clearly excessive, and. Open your PC and view the amount of free space. But why does it matter to you? Unlikely.

Mac Pro last generation was the most compact with top-end performance. That is about the size could be a PC today. But will not — because even in a small apartment is enough for a “box”, which air more than the parts. But in pockets for your smartphone so much space there. And better one smartphone with optimal filling than a bunch of modules that you still need somewhere to carry. And that fall off, play, lost connection, and replacement of the smartphone to a new turns into a headache — after all, if your old smartphone can still be sold, the modules will go in the best case as a free appendage.

3D-screens and 3D camera

Do you remember how in fashion suddenly became 3D? It was all over. Portable console Nintendo 3DS, bunch of TVs with 3D, and even in the smartphone business started. And the 3D camera, and screen with support for “glasses-free” 3D.

And where is it now? The dustbin of history. Even Nintendo abandoned the 3D screens, replacing the 3DS console at a cheap New Nintendo 2DS XL, and Switch even initially did not do 3D.

Why? Yes, because not really needed, at least not all needs and problems — a lot. Without glasses 3D screen can be viewed only one way, and glasses with a lot of restrictions on viewing angle. Himself 3D content is not always required. Besides, VR is much more interesting, although also need not all.

And if we talk about the movie or the game, even the simple film with proper talent writer, Director and actors, might captivate much more rapid 3D effects. And games pixel “Turkey” sometimes it’s more addictive than a AAA blockbuster, and even in stereoscopic 3D. However, for mobile games all that value and did not poke people in “three in a row” and happy. So why are there 3D?

The dust and moisture protection

Yes, do not rush to swear. Today, dust— and moisture-protection can be found in many places, but let’s be honest — almost no one cares. Once smartphones Sony Xperia has made a name for themselves, including, thanks to dust-moisture protection. And today all take Xiaomi, where no protection at all. And who cares?

Or take the iPhone. Yes, Apple is something it says about protection from splashes, while not taking under warranty “drowned” smartphones. And here is how to prove that a user has violated the conditions of operation or in the design really was a marriage that led to flooding even under humane conditions? So people still just don’t drop your smartphone in water and do underwater photography — you never know what. Anything then not prove it, and the repair or replacement of the smartphone app. In the end, if you need to shoot fish — you can buy the graphics.

And so, any smartphone today will survive, if you call a taxi in the rain. But in the rain we don’t want to be for very different reasons.

3D touch

As you know, is Apple to cough — as all begin to cough even louder. But 3D touch “is not soared” even the Apple — whether about the others say?

In fact — to get used to spend more effort for the sake of some action that can be performed with less effort, just impractical. Moreover, there is no clear indication of the force pressing the screen never came up. The user, in the end, only guessed — enough he clicked on the screen to engage the necessary to it function? Or even so — enough of laboon pressed — after all, why push harder than you have to?

In General, confusion with these 3D tatami. Another useless 3D, as in the case of the backside of the smartphone. “Save this tweet” as they say.

Luxury service (a La Vertu)

Remember when I visited the office of Vertu in Moscow immediately after the release of their next Android smartphone. There told me a lot about how to work their “Concierge” — actually, this service has attracted users of Vertu most, and not “bling” on the case. “Conserje” is something like a personal assistant ready to solve any (almost) your problem, but for your money, of course. That is, if you need to bring a pack favorite cookie on a desert island, where you rest — you can solve it through the “Concierge”, but paying all expenses.

The problem is that most of the work “Concierge” today can make free voice assistants including Google — and round-the-clock breaks and nervous breakdowns. Yes, not all the work, but this is far from the premium segment.

And not only the assistants thing — that our lives become more “digital” and many services — from booking a plane ticket to booking a restaurant table — more affordable. You now know that now even the train ticket directly from the app to buy? In any case, in Moscow it is already running.

The second screen

Where there is Yotaphone now doing? And not only he, but all of these projects and from Samsung and LG, in which a small second screen complements the primary one.

No, that’s not a bad idea, but just try forcing all developers to use your second screen, especially if everyone has such a device format to a second screen different. And in General — in fact, the second screen has always been necessary only to cover the deficiencies of the main screen or the phone in General.

E-Ink Yotaphone — to extend the autonomy. Additional screens in the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and LG X View — to render the individual elements of the interface.

Now, as you can see, one screen can take any shape and have any cutouts. In the era of frameless smartphones no additional shielding is not needed.

Metal case

And remember how everyone was really into the metal housings? As they say, it’s beautiful and all. Smartphones are even specially made “under the metal”, the people there are still checked — chill you? If it’s metal? Current holds?

But, alas, the metal housing — a thing impractical, but because of him finally gave up. Now wait, when the glass will finally give up — because the practicality of it is not much higher. At least if the manufacturer wants to earn more on the repair.

We are not monkeys, in the end, we don’t have to considered attractive just what glitters.

QWERTY keyboard

And finally — the most contentious. Yes, now I surely will be many to argue: “Yes you that! QWERTY keyboard a lot who needs it! If you would have released this smartphone as %smartphone_model%, Yes, QWERTY, I would…”.

But let’s be honest. Brand всеQWERTY keyboard in smartphones was uncomfortable. Yes, some better, others worse, but it’s still not what typing on a laptop or PC keyboard. Yes, you can put a full QWERTY in a modern smartphone, and… have a thickness twice. And weight half as much. And the slider mechanism that will break, collapse, get clogged, get loose and will generally just piss off by their presence in all situations, except having a set of large text.

And yet, a full QWERTY keyboard does not mean a full QWERTY keyboard. Cyrillic was never the priority when creating such devices before — a Russian letters had to gain through some complicated combination of buttons.

So, Yes — typing on a touch screen is inconvenient. But QWERTY is not as easier to tolerate other above-described inconvenience. But if there is no difference — why pay more?

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