Research firm Kantar has estimated smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2018, and also compared the share of iOS and Android in the largest markets, reports 9to5Mac.

According to a report by Kantar, iPhone 8, 8 Plus X and still beat sales records. Because of this, the share of iOS in the U.S. market grew 5.9% to 38.7%. Because of this, Android’s share declined by 4.4% to 61,1%.

At the same time, in China the share of Android is 80.4%, X but the iPhone was still the top selling smartphone in the country. With this iPhone X was the best selling phones in China every month since November of 2017, when it came out.

Overall, the iPhone accounted for eight of the ten most sold smartphones over the past three months in the United States. Kantar connects this success with a wide range of smartphones from cheap iPhone SE and ending with the most expensive iPhone X.

The Kantar study does not affect the Russian market. According to “Vedomosti” in may 2018 the top selling smartphone was the Huawei Honor Lite 9, on the second place — Samsung Galaxy J1, the third — iPhone SE.


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