Apple sold last year, more than 216 million smartphones iPhone and are currently the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, but this does not mean that their smartphones are perfect. Below we have provided a compilation of the 8 most popular challenges that have been observed in Apple smartphones.

Built-in antenna in the iPhone 4

Antenna, which receives the telephone signal is usually located inside the phone, but in the fourth generation, Apple has decided to integrate the antenna directly into the body throughout the area of the phone. It is therefore seen problems when people with their fingers jammed, thereby sometimes completely interrupting the telephone conversation. Then Apple solved the problem by sending all owners of iPhone 4 new case.

iPhone 6 bends in your pocket

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Larger screens and thinner case has meant that models of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bent when the user bent down or sat down with the phone in my pocket. In social networks you can find a large number of “bent” iPhones 6 models, but Apple has assured that the iPhone 6 was released, was the most rugged smartphone and with the proper use of the phone no deformation should not be.

Swelling iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

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In September 2017, immediately after the ceremony the announcement of a new iPhone, a few owners of gadgets 8 version have complained that their phones swell and peel off the top screen. The observation was made that the iPhone 8 is deformed due to defective batteries that were swollen and pushed the screen out.

The Chatty Siri

The Internet was found several complaints about the voice assistant Siri, who read all notifications displayed on the lock screen on iPhone with iOS version 11.3. Siri did it without permission of the owners of the phone even if the preview function notification was disabled.

The keyboard bug in iOS 11

During one of the most recent iOS updates 11, many users began to notice a bug when writing messages when the letter “I” is automatically replaced by the letter “a” or a strange square with a question mark inside. Apple quickly fixed a bug with the new update, but many users could not understand what strange messages they received from their friends.

Problem with Face ID

Directly into iPhone X did not load Face ID, the feature of unlocking the phone using the front camera according to the algorithm of face recognition. Some new models of iPhones function failed, and Apple was fixing the front camera under warranty or completely replace the phone.

iPhone charge quickly

The work time of iPhone on a single charge of the battery may greatly surprise many people, especially those who have upgraded to iOS version 11. Many applications run permanently in offline mode, thereby wasting battery reserve. Every smartphone has a lot of settings that will help to increase the life of the phone on a single charge, but you need to make changes to settings that were not announced officially. Apple would be worth to have to start each phone to make a brochure with tips and instructions on how to save battery.

Especially the Apple slows down older phones

Probably one of the most major scandals involving the Apple occurred at the end of last year, when many users of older iPhone models have started to notice that their phones started to work much slower. After a long use in smartphones 6, 6S, 7, and SE the batteries have lost capacity, which could lead to failures in the operating system, thereby slowing the operation of the phone, and in some cases the iPhone does automatically turn off. Soon Apple apologized to its customers and almost three times reduced the cost of battery replacement on the affected models of the iPhone.


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