Apple has always been a reason to brag to Android manufacturers because the audience iPhone and iPad always uses the latest software. This time, the situation becomes even more interesting.

Users of Apple devices always get the new versions of operating systems immediately after their release. And in this month all those who have installed iOS 11, will be able to supply iOS 12. Even devices five years ago.

Of course, nothing of the kind in the Android world no. Even Google branded smartphones get updates for 2-3 years. And it is a small percentage of users. 60% of the audience Android still use the software 2015. In this state of things cannot speak of any security, and support of new technologies.

Apple, by contrast, introduces the latest and advanced solutions even in the outdated gadgets. Because there are a lot of people still using the old iPhone 5s. And they for the first time in many years, get iOS, which will work faster than the previous one, despite the emergence of new features and capabilities. Due to the high quality of the new software Apple will once again be able to break away, as a large number of users will immediately go to iOS 12, and it’s IN 2018.


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