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What to give a loved one for the New year? Especially for those who can not choose, we have prepared a selection of the best original gadgets-gifts which the recipient will surely be overjoyed. Most of our selected gadgets are impressive discounts, so you get and make an unforgettable gift, and not to spend all the money.

Pay attention that this collection contains only goods which are delivered in Russia in the shortest possible time or at all can enjoy, and then go and pick up at your nearest store. In other words, no AliExpress, goods from China for the New year is definitely not to be delivered.

Smart watch

Smart watch is one of the best gifts among gadgets. Smart watch all you want, but most people don’t find the extra money to buy them. Surprise loved ones by gifting original, but most importantly — useful gadget.

  • Xiaomi Amazfit Bip: 4 479 rubles.
  • Apple Watch Series 3: 22 990 rubles.
  • Apple Watch Series 4: 32 990 rubles.
  • Samsung Gear Sport: 15 002 ruble.

Children’s smart watch

Baby smart watches a hit of 2018! Largely thanks to the company Elari, which is in partnership with “Yandex” has released a cool smart watch with voice assistant “Alice”. Such a smart watch allows the child to stay in touch with parents, but at the same time develop and entertain your child to complete.

  • Elari FixiTime 3: 3 592 of the ruble.
  • Elari KidPhone 2: 2 212 rubles.
  • JET Kid Start 1 990 rubles.

Wireless headphones

Another type of device that everyone wants or even can afford, but “hands did not reach to buy.” Wireless headphones are rapidly gaining popularity around the world. A major hit, no doubt, are the AirPods from Apple — this headset can definitely be called the most desired gift for the New year. But other wireless headphones, including those which, like the AirPods, completely no wires, the recipient of the gift will definitely appreciate.

  • AirPods: 13 490 rubles.
  • Huawei FreeBuds: 6 990 rubles.
  • Elari NanoPods: 6 699 rubles.
  • JBL T450BT: 2 789 rubles.
  • Honor Bluetooth AM61: 2 990 rubles.
  • Xiaomi Mi Sports: 1 883 ruble.


If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes to read a lot, then the right choice will be easy. Give ebook — we found two of the best ratio “price-quality” and suitable for every budget.

  • ONYX Boox Darwin 3: 8 990 rubles.
  • Digma E62B: 3 390 rubles.

Game consoles

It is already known that a gaming console is one of the most popular Christmas gifts in 2018 — statistics showed. It is understandable, as the best consoles more than decent cheaper. Judge for yourself: Sony PlayStation 4 with a bunch of CDs and gifts in the set of cheaper by 6 thousand roubles, the flagship Xbox One’s — for 5 thousand rubles, and the innovative Nintendo Switch complete with FIFA 19 on the same 5 thousand rubles. Cheaper certainly was not.

  • Sony PlayStation 4: 19 990 rubles.
  • Xbox One S: 20 999 rubles.
  • Nintendo Switch: 19 990 rubles.

RC toys

Toys remote control love everything: both adults and children. And, of course, to such a toy will be nice to anyone. Especially when it comes to unusual and really interesting toys that we have carefully selected. Take a look and choose your favourite!

  • Set for robotics Clementoni “MIO Robot”: 4 299 roubles.
  • McLaren P1: 799 rubles.
  • Robot lizard BONDIBON: 1 819 rubles.

The virtual reality helmets

Virtual reality is becoming more accessible. But best of all, content for virtual reality has become a really a lot. We are talking about games and movies. Plunge into virtual reality can be different — right from your smartphone or using the entire power of your home computer. In both cases, the person will get unforgettable impressions and sensations, which before were not sure.

  • HIPER VRW: 1 690 rubles.
  • Samsung Gear VR: 7 990 rubles.
  • HTC VIVE: 49 990 rubles.

Wireless speakers

Still don’t know what to give? In fact, everything is simple — give the wireless column, because who doesn’t love music?. The choice of columns is large, but the best, no doubt, are the models from JBL. They look stylish, not afraid of water and the sound really good quality.

  • JBL Charge 3: 7 989 rubles.
  • JBL GO 2: 1 999 rubles.
  • JBL Flip Zap 4: 5 499 rubles.


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