The Internet literally every day there are news about new viruses on the major hacks and raging hackers. However, most users think that their is never affected. Maybe so, but that does not mean that we should not worry about their safety.

Tell how you can protect yourself and personal information on the Internet.

You first need to check privacy settings in social networks

Social networks collect a huge amount of information about people that use them. Many can truly shock the amount of personal data freely available. To partially cope with this problem by changing privacy settings on social networks. If you open the settings the same Instagram or Facebook, then they can find a dozen points that enable you to restrict the access of unauthorized persons to particular information.

Do not use public cloud services for personal data storage

Accidentally give some important information not only in social networks, but also cloud services, which at first glance seem to be safe. People use public services like Google Docs to store there databases, passwords, scanned documents and so on. Of course, you can’t do that. Services are designed to work together are not suitable for storing confidential information. It is better to use more specialised products. For example, 1Password.

Need to avoid ad tracking network

More than others to get to user data I want advertisers. Marketers use any nuggets of information about a person to create a special profile, which will be able to navigate advertisers to effectively influence a person. Fortunately, users of macOS and iOS does not need to worry about tracking. For several years, the Corporation is working to ensure that if you do not correct the tracking, then at least limit it to a minimum.

If possible, you should hide your main mailing address and phone number

To avoid spam, you must use your mailbox, and your phone only on trusted sites. To register on dubious resources necessary to use secondary data. Or even make a disposable e-mail, in the event that is not detected then the mailbox dozens of letters from all sorts of stores.

You should use messengers with endpoint encryption

Now almost all modern instant messengers equipped with advanced systems of data encryption. Because of that there are scandals even national scales. Hack such messengers from the outside is simply impossible. Therefore, they are valued for preserving privacy. Such messengers include, for example, WhatsApp, iMessage and secret chats in Telegram.

Passwords should be complex and different

Now about password security is talked about everywhere. Complex 12-character passwords has become a cult and a vital necessity. And such a remedy can not be overestimated. This is not paranoia, but a real opportunity to save your data. Only here to remember such passwords are extremely difficult. But still need to create a new one for each service. Come to the aid of contemporary browsers and programs to store passwords. Those who use Safari know browser brand Apple itself generates passwords and stores them in the cloud so the device owner never had to pick them up, to invent and to remember. Of course, to ignore this function in any case impossible.

You can’t leave the smartphone or computer without blocking

A huge number of people do not protect their computers, tablets and smartphones. Just leave them without a password, without locking the fingerprint scanner and so on. Surprisingly, many are too lazy to use such mechanisms. After all, Face ID or Touch ID may not work. Then you have to enter a code, but it’s a long chore, and indeed, it is also necessary to remember. However, many believe that even if they steal the smartphone that they are interesting finds there. Actually a lot of things. Photos, location, rooms, email addresses, and much more that fell into the wrong hands, can destroy lives. Therefore, you should always set passwords and activate the Face ID with Touch ID and analogues.

In order to comply with privacy, you can hide notifications on the lock screen

This option is enabled in iPhone X by default. While the owner of the smartphone does not look at the screen, the notifications will be hidden. The same can be done on older models of Apple’s smartphone.

To do this:

  • To open the device settings.
  • Go to the menu “Notifications”.
  • Open the submenu “Show thumbnails” and select “No lock”.

After that, all notifications will be hidden until the owner of the smartphone or tablet and unlocks it.

Avoid unsecured public Wi-Fi networks

Public Wi-Fi network is perhaps one of the worst places to conduct online transactions or sending some important data. These networks usually are not protected, and therefore the traffic that passes through them can interfere with strangers. They in turn do it to extract any valuable information, which then can be earned. If possible, you should avoid such networks. But if I had to use it, you need to arm yourself a good VPN service.


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