For the first time named the price of space flight for tourists

The value of the unique-flight are difficult to estimate.

The company Blue Origin, owned by the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, plans to launch space flights for tourists in 2019. The cost of the flight for each participant would range from 200 to 300 thousand dollars. This was told by two anonymous sources who are connected with the plans of Blue Origin.

Blue Origin is not the first year preparing to launch tourist flights into space. In the past year, the company of Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) has conducted tests of a special spacecraft New Shepard for tourists.

The tests were successful, but the Board was not a man but a mannequin. In this regard, it is expected that Blue Origin will hold a few more tests before the start of sales of permits for space tourists.

The plans for Blue Origin, the conclusion of the spacecraft to the edge of space, at a height of 100 km from the Earth. According to rumors, within each flight aboard the ship will be no more than six people.

Earlier it became known that the Russian company “Kosmocar” intends to send tourists into space for $ 200 thousand.

Source: Statements.

Russian bureaucrats have revealed Apple’s plans to release new iPhone and iPad

Apple cannot prevent such leaks.

The unified register of notifications of the Eurasian economic Union once again revealed Apple’s plans to launch new devices. Today in the registry there was mention of new iPhone and iPad models, which the company plans to present in September.

Apple has registered in the registry lot of new devices. The database has been added iPhone with the following model numbers: A1920, A1921, A1984, A2097, A2098, A2099, A2101, A2103, A2104, A2105 A2106 and. The names of the smartphones were not disclosed, but clarifies that they are running iOS 12. This means that we are talking about preparing for the September presentation smartphones.

Such a large number of registered models of the iPhone is because Apple plans to release three smartphones in different colors. Flagship iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Plus will come in two colors and available iPhone 9 — five, including orange and blue.

In addition, the database entry appeared on new iPad models with IDs A1876, A1895, A1934, A1979, A1980, and A2013 A2014, as well as a “portable Mac” with numbers of models A1931, A1932 and A1988. It is assumed that under the “portable Mac” refers to the new Mac mini, which will be updated after four years. Informed about the plans of Apple to release updated Mac mini announced the authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Over the past few years a register of notifications was the most proven source “discharges” on the new Apple devices. So, register in advance confirmed the release of the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, AirPods headphones, iPad and iPad 2017 2018 and many other novelties.

Source: consomac.

Apple powerfully reduced the price of iPad and Mac in Russia for the campaign “back to school”

Great discounts and valuable gifts from Apple.

Apple launched their traditional campaign “back to school” for Russian schoolchildren, students, their parents and employees of educational institutions. In a new promotion that not every year is held in Russia, Apple has reduced prices on iPads and Mac computers and began to give the expensive headphones Beats for buying devices.

Share “back to school” applies to pupils of schools and universities, their parents who buy the device for children and employees of educational institutions from Tutors to teachers. In order to buy an iPad or Mac at a reduced price and receive a valuable gift in the form of expensive Beats headphones the buyer must confirm their status of a pupil, his parent or tutor of the relevant documents.

In the campaign “back to school” involves the following devices:


  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2nd generation — from 56 630 RUB (discount 2 360 RUB.)
  • The 10.5-inch iPad Pro 10,5 — 45 110 RUB (1 RUB 880)


  • 12-inch MacBook — 89 from 260 RUB (discount 5 730 RUB.)
  • 13-inch MacBook Air — from 68 611 RUB (discount 4 379 rubles).
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro — from 89 290 RUB (5 700 rubles)
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro — from 390 RUB. 179 (15 600 rubles)


  • 21.5-inch iMac — from 75 190 RUB (4 800 rubles)
  • The 27-inch iMac — from 124 071 RUB (RUB 7 919)
  • iMac Pro — 357 190 RUB (discount 22 800 RUB.)
  • Mac Pro — from 220 790 RUB (discount 19 200 RUB.)

In addition to the impressive discounts Apple gives gifts to all who bought the device for the shares. To the iPad, the company gives headphones Powerbeats Beats or 3 X cost 14 290 rubles and 10 990 rubles, respectively. For the purchase of a Mac or MacBook for the shares issued even more expensive headphones — Beats-Solo 3, which are sold at a price of 21 390 rubles.

“The messenger” greatly reduced prices on iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Great discounts!

Svyaznoy has launched a new initiative in your online store, on which he makes an impressive discount on iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Maximum discount on smartphones is as high as 5 000. The promotion is valid throughout Russia only if the online iPhone.

In order to avail the special offer “Coherent” you must go to the promotions page. On it, each user is issued a private code that you want to activate when you purchase the iPhone.

Unique promo code will be offered to buyers the following discounts:

  • iPhone X — the discount of 5 000 rubles.
  • iPhone 8 — discount 2 000 rubles.
  • 8 iPhone (PRODUCT)RED™ — discount 2 000 rubles.
  • iPhone 8 Plus — discount 2 000 rubles.
  • iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT)RED™ — discount 2 000 rubles.

Generous new promotion will be valid for a limited time. “The messenger” did not specify exactly when it will end, so those wishing to buy the latest models at the best prices it is recommended to hurry.

Note that prices on iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with a discount in “the Messenger” are the lowest among all authorised retailers.

Went the ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II and Hero II — review, features, price, where to buy, pictures and videos

Powerful and moderately portable.

In Russia started official sales of gaming notebooks ROG Strix SCAR II and Hero II from ASUS. The device got Intel eighth generation, cool displays and keyboard, and an advanced cooling system HyperCool Pro. Special attention deserves also the appearance of laptops.


Laptops ROG Strix SCAR II and Hero II is equipped with 15.6-inch displays with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, a refresh rate of 144 Hz, response time of 3 MS and color gamut 100% sRGB. Additional benefit — anti-glare coating that allows you to play or work on the computer, even in bright daylight. The frame around the screen made as thin as possible.

Working laptops powered by Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 architecture on Coffee Lake. In its most powerful configuration available six-core chip with maximum clock frequency of 4 GHz, 32 GB of RAM DDR4-2666, NVMe storage up to 512 GB of hybrid hard drive Seagate FireCuda 1 TB. Simpler models are equipped with drives 128 or 256 GB fixed disk of 1 TB.

ROG Strix SCAR II for sale, complete with graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB of memory or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with 8 GB of memory. Buyers ROG Strix Hero II available only to the first graphics card.

#ASUS introduced in Russia in Moscow a new range of powerful gaming laptops the ASUS ROG Strix GL504 SCAR II and Hero II GeForce GTX #asusrogstrix #asusrogscar #geforcegtx #laptop #new #agrovolokno

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ASUS engineers have added in ROG Strix SCAR II and Hero II connectors for gaming and not just the periphery. On the side faces is a three port USB 3.1 a, one USB-C, mini-DisplayPort, HDMI, RJ-45, card reader, audio Jack and Kensington lock. Laptops support Bluetooth standard 5.0 and 802.11 ac Wi-Fi. The device consistently work with wireless networks even under load and the distance from the router is a credit to the 4 antennas and ROG RangeBoost technology.

For maintaining the normal operating temperature of the components meets the system HyperCool Pro. Special design and powerful fans cool the notebooks 27% more efficient compared to other systems, talk to ASUS.

One of the main features ROG Strix SCAR II and Hero II — accurate and sensitive HyperStrike Pro keyboard with a traditional layout, lighting and Aura of gaming hot keys. The buttons have a convenient form and can withstand up to 20 million clicks. Externally, the keyboard laptops are notable for transparent allocation of some keys: the Strix SCAR II is WASD, and Strix Hero II — QWER.

Sound equipment is also good. There are 2 speakers with power of 3.5 W and a smart amplifier that minimizes distortion and background noise even at maximum volume. To customize the sound to yourself with the utility Sonic Studio III.

Appearance and dimensions

Design the ROG Strix SCAR II and Hero II standard for this class of devices. There are no smooth lines and rounded corners, like the MacBook. The device looks quite aggressive, but at the same time, they are not ashamed to show people that gamers are not. The upper cover and the lower edge decorated with the logos of ROG.

Laptops moderately thin — their dimensions are 26,2 36,1 x x 2,61 see both models Weigh 2.4 kg — not much, but every day to drag them to the backpack owner is unlikely to want.

Price and availability

Buy ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II 124 990 rubles, and the ROG Strix Hero 2 sale price 119 990 rubles. In August in Russia will also have a model with reduced specifications. They will be cheaper — from 100 000 rubles.

Huawei will “bet” on artificial intelligence

And it’s the right move.

Chinese company Huawei is going to make a revolution in the IT industry, “embodying” the ideas of a secret program “Da Vinci”. As reported by insiders, a secret program “Da Vinci” is an attempt of active implementation of artificial intelligence technology to life.

Overall management of the program of development of artificial intelligence “Da Vinci” provides the Executive Director of Huawei Xu Zhijun. The final goal of the program is to integrate artificial intelligence into all devices and services of Huawei.

Huawei has already demonstrated how artificial intelligence technology can improve the lives of ordinary users. The possibility of artificial intelligence are widely used in the camera of the smartphone Huawei P20 Pro. In addition, using the developed in the framework of the “Da Vinci” algorithms, Huawei is implementing the project “Safe city”. This project allows you to collect and analyze data from surveillance cameras, monitoring the situation in the streets.

In the future, the algorithms of the program “Da Vinci” will be used to develop base stations and software for 5G networks. The main “chip” of data telecommunication stations will be able to “predictions” emerging issues and dynamic redistribution of loading on the network.

Source: Gizchina

Apple will create more than 70 new emojis in 2018

Apple announced the creation of 70 new Emoji. They will be available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac release a free software update this year. About it reported in a press-service of the company.

“New types of Emoji will be created on the basis of the approved character set Unicode 11.0, including even more options of hairstyles to represent people with red, gray and curly hair, new symbol Emoji for bald people and new smileys, allowing to make the correspondence in the message more expressive”, — said the press service of Apple.

In addition, the developers will expand the list of Emoji, sports, animals, food, as well as add new icons superheroes.

“Apple” will create dozens of new Emoji

Apple announced the creation of 70 new Emoji. They will be available with the release of a free software update this year, reports TASS.

In particular, created a new symbol Emoji for bald people and new smileys, allowing to make the correspondence in the messages more expressive

Expanded list of Emoji, sports, animals, food, and new icons have been added superheroes.

Emoji is the language of ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and web pages. This graphical language where instead of words use combinations of images, originated in Japan and has spread worldwide.

All that is known about the Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has not yet emerged, and the network is already full of rumors about the new smartphone Samsung — Galaxy S10. Portal PhoneArena gathered all known information.

Most likely in 2019 Samsung will introduce three version of its flagship smartphone.

The base model Galaxy S10 received the code name “Beyond 0”. Distinctive features:

  • display with a diagonal of 5.8 inches;
  • the fingerprint scanner on the side face;
  • one primary and one selfie-Cam.

An enlarged model of the Samsung Galaxy S10, also known as “Beyond 1”:

  • Infinity-display with a diagonal of 6.1 inches and rounded edges;
  • built-in screen fingerprint scanner;
  • one selfie camera and two lenses on its rear panel, normal and tele.

Galaxy S10+ or “Beyond 2”:

  • Infinity-display with a diagonal of 6.44 inches;
  • Podebrady fingerprint sensor;
  • five cameras: two in front and three normal, telephoto and wide angle — on the rear panel.


Most likely, Samsung will remain true to itself, so the differences in appearance of the models Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S10 will not be significant. You may change the ratio of the area of the screen to the body of the smartphone. Samsung’s flagship 2018 already exceeds this parameter, the iPhone X.

Many Android manufacturers have found a way to disable the fingerprint scanner from the front panel under the screen or on the side. Probably, Samsung will take advantage of the developments in smartphones Sony Xperia Z5 and Vivo, and will try to move the fingerprint sensor from the rear panel.

To ensure reliability and durability, all three flagship will be protected from moisture and dust according to IP68 standard.


According to rumors, the base version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will get the Super AMOLED screen of the standard FHD+ or QHD+ with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and a diagonal of 5.8 inches.

Older model Galaxy S10 will be equipped with the QHD+ Super AMOLED-display with a diagonal of 6.1 inches and rounded edges. Similar, but larger, and get Samsung Galaxy S10+.


Samsung Galaxy designed for the American market, and will be running the Qualcomm chipsets. Everyone else will get the brand Samsung Exynos processor.

Out of the entire range of Qualcomm preference would probably be given Snapdragon 855 that can compete with the chipset A11 Bionic performance. In a recent benchmark test it managed to score 3033 points in single-core and 10992 points in multi-core testing.

Processor Exynos 9820 is equipped with a GPU block and GPU ARM Mali module G76.

The older version of the Galaxy S10 will be released in versions with 6 and 8 GB and a basic S10 will get 4 GB and 6 GB of RAM.

Users will be able to choose the size of built-in storage: 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB. From disk space 512 GB, apparently, was abandoned. All three models will be equipped with slots for microSD memory cards.

Price and release date

The base version of the Galaxy S10 will cost around 600-650 dollars. The standard model with a 6.1-inch screen — starting from 749 dollars. Prices on S10+ will be located in the range from 849 to 1000 dollars. Thus, Samsung can close multiple market segments.

Perhaps the presentation of new models is traditionally scheduled for MWC 2019, which will be held from 25 to 28 February. However, there is a theory that three new Samsung Galaxy will be unveiled at a special event on 24 February 2019.

Disclosed details about “Yandex.Phone” — features, price, release date

The main feature will be “Alice”.

Russian analysts revealed the first information on “Yandex.Phone”, the official which was confirmed on July 12. It became known that the first smartphone of the company “Yandex” will be from the mid-market, running Android, and its main “chip” as in “Yandex.The station“will be a voice assistant “Alice”.

Analyst TelecomDaily Ilya Shatilin said that “Yandex” can select “Yandex.Phone” in comparison to other smartphones extended support the voice assistant. In the heart of the smartphone “Yandex” will lie brand assistant “Alice”. It will allow users to fully control the smartphone with voice commands.

“Alice” in “Yandex.Phone” will be able to manage third-party applications and perform unusual tasks. The user will have the opportunity to ask her complex commands, e.g. “Show me photos washi last New Year.”

Analyst Eldar Murtazin from Mobile Research told more details about “Yandex.The phone.” The first smartphone of “Yandex” will work under the operating system Android with all Google services, but the corporate shell of the Russian search engine. “Yandex.The phone” will be produced by a Chinese company.

Murtazin said the probable price “Yandex.Phone” — 20 000 rubles. The release date of the smartphone in 2018.