The new iPhone will get fast wireless charging

In the past year was shown iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus X and iPhone — the first Apple smartphones that support wireless charging. Despite this, many users still prefer the traditional way of charging. This is not surprising, given that the main drawback of charging without wires is very low charge rate decreased. However, if

The main feature watchOS 5 – view sites

Apple added in the new version of the OS for smart watches support WebKit, thanks to which you can view the web page. We are not talking about a full-fledged Safari browser for the Apple Watch, and the possibility to open links received via email or messages. Currently, the only available build watch OS 5

Pre-orders for iPhone 2018 can start on 14 September

According to the German retailers, pre-orders for all iPhone 2018 will begin on Friday, September 14. This was written the publication of the Ambulance. According to information obtained by the Opposition editors, shops will start accepting pre-orders for all iPhone 2018 September 14. This confirms the theory that Apple will announce the smartphone 11 or