On the official Apple support website there were recommendations associated with how you need to apply newly-released Bank card Apple Card. According to the instructions from the Apple map cannot be kept in the purse created from leather or denim. This item has caused heated discussion in the network, users began to point out the shortcomings of a new product the iPhone maker compared to traditional plastic cards.

So, Apple warns that these materials on the site promotes the loss of the attractive appearance of the card. This is due to the fact that the Apple Card is made of titanium and it is known to fade and covered with spots from exposure to leather or denim. Clear map from this kind of contamination is not possible.

On the same page on the support website indicated that the company does not recommend to avoid direct contact Apple Card with other cards and other items, since the titanium surface is easily scratched. What about mud, then the company recommends to get the card with the microfiber cloth, pre-soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

As it turned out, the new Apple product is much more capricious than common plastic cards. Unlike the Apple Card, they can be easily stored anywhere, the only thing — they should not scrape, and the cards that have a magnetic strip, should be kept away from magnets.

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