One of the richest Japanese businessmen, the founder of telecommunications company SoftBank, Masayoshi Dream said that he wanted to invest in the U.S. Internet retailer Amazon at an early stage, but he didn’t have enough money. Of the Dream told a conference in Tokyo, reports Bloomberg.

The Japanese billionaire did not say when it discussed the deal. According to him, he wanted to buy 30% of the American company. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has estimated a share of $130 million and reduce the price declined. In the end the deal did not materialize, the Dream was willing to pay only $100 million — more than he just was not.

“Recently we (with Bezoom. — Forbes) was found and laughed about it — said the businessman. — It was a big mistake on my part not to invest. But I just didn’t have enough cache.”

Sleep mentioned, that could become a shareholder of the Amazon, in 2017. Then he said that he really wanted to invest in the company and that the deal had been agreed almost except “minor” differences. But then the Dream didn’t mention that the differences resulting from the amount of the transaction, and referred to the objections of their managers, which Amazon is not interested.

In 2018, Amazon became the second U.S. company with a market capitalization of $1 trillion after Apple. A year earlier, Forbes for the first time named Bezos the richest man in the world. In the latest ranking of billionaires published in early March, as Bezos was estimated at $131 billion market Capitalization now exceeds Amazon’s $866 billion Share, which Bezos asked for $130 million, is now estimated at about $260 billion

Softbank Group, instead of buying shares in Amazon invested in 2000 in a newly created Chinese company, Alibaba e-Commerce. Now the group’s stake in Alibaba is estimated at $132 billion, writes Bloomberg. Masayoshi Son — the second number in the list of the richest Japanese (was the first in 2017-2018), his fortune Forbes estimates at $21.6 billion

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