Legal confrontation between Apple and Qualcomm have already gone well beyond China and the United States. Now the main “battle” unfolded in Germany. The lawyers of the American chip maker was able to convince the District court of Munich that the cupertinos have violated several patents owned by Qualcomm. Ultimately, the court imposed a ban on the sale of several iPhone models.

According to reports, the ban hit iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X 2017. To get out of the situation as it was made in China, Apple has not come out and software update just will not save. The lawsuit considered by the German court involved patents relating to the hardware of the smartphones.

Sources say that the disputed patents, the violation of which led to the introduction of the ban, associated with the Envelope Tracking technology. The latter helps to save battery power when sending and receiving wireless signals.

Representatives of Apple, the company has already responded to another victory and Qualcomm have announced their intention to appeal. Prior to its consideration and final decision of the court of appeal that the action of the lower court is suspended so that Apple can still sell its smartphones in Germany.


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