Apple has hired the former head of Samsung SDI Co., branch of Samsung Electronics, engaged in the manufacture of batteries. Sunho An (Soonho Ahn) has received the position of head of development batteries in December 2018.

In Samsung SDI, he was engaged in lithium batteries and worked on the battery technology of the next generation. Both companies have not yet commented on the information, reports Bloomberg.

Apple in the past used batteries from Samsung SDI for its own products. It is likely that in Cupertino are trying to reduce their reliance on components from third parties. For example, “Apple” Corporation is working on technology MicroLED displays for future devices, as well as exploring development of its own cellular modems.

Earlier reported that Apple fired a little over 200 employees from the group Project Titan, involved in the development of unmanned vehicles. Thus, according to the company, they still believe in the huge potential of Autonomous systems.

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