Former Apple engineer: After the death of Steve jobs, the company began to spit on kachestvo that after the death of Steve jobs, Apple became the “other” spoken by many from analysts and investors to ordinary consumers.

About the “other” Apple said, and a former engineer Darren Eastman.

The assurance of the engineer, after the departure of Steve jobs as Apple turned away from its customers and employees. In turn, Eastman filed a lawsuit against the company for infringement of patents, with whom he worked.

Today in the Apple, there is no corporate responsibility. In the days when I worked at Apple, and it was under Steve Jobs, the CEO was required to notify him of any outstanding problems with the products.

This requirement applies to all employees. But after the death of Steve jobs, the policy has changed.

Now, many talented employees who have dedicated Apple part of their lives, are regularly subjected to disciplinary action for any problems. As a result, about these issues, many prefer to remain silent. When Steve Jobs was not like this.

The company is increasingly seeking to ignore the problems associated with quality as the current product line and future developments. The most important project was the minimization of tax deductions and options for a bypass of the law.

Under the leadership of Tim cook to staff was radically different. Unwanted try immediately removed from the job.

So, in 2014, the company dismissed one of the managers only for the fact that during the meeting he expressed his point of view of inefficiency of the project and its cost.

Later fired and his daughter, who noted that the building where she works, exceeded the concentration of harmful substances in the air.

Instead, to completely get rid of the resulting in the building of the mold, Apple just repainted the walls. After which the staff was transferred to the “past prevention” place.

From an honest Apple has become rampant and a regular violator of the law. Alas, the company is less and less considered by the court.

Eastman notes that Apple often releases products that have serious problems and have not passed enough testing.

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