Craig Federighi are no longer responsible for Siri. Now work to improve the voice assistant Apple will be headed by John Giannandrea — a former Google expert on the development of artificial intelligence.

According to information on the Apple website, Giannandrea will become head of the division of artificial intelligence and machine learning and you will develop Core technologies ML and Siri.

Craig Federighi will remain as senior Vice-President of Apple on software development. He will be responsible for innovations in iOS and macOS.

John Giannandrea will have to face some difficulties. In addition to that the voice assistant Apple is inferior to competitors for Siri are seriously affected by the position of the Corporation in respect of confidentiality.

Apple has repeatedly stressed that the company does not collect or plans to collect information about users. This hinders the formation of an array of data to analyze and improve Siri, since Apple does not record or store the way people communicate with the assistant.

The engineers of the Corporation Tim cook used the methods of differential privacy, which helps to understand what they do many clients, but maintains the anonymity of each of them. Analysis algorithms convert the data so that Apple is not able to reproduce the primary information.

John Giannandrea will have to work hard to make a full-fledged Siri rival for Amazon Alexa, Google and Microsoft Cortana Assistant. To help him has already recruited a team of experts. In the spring of 2018, Apple has opened more than a hundred jobs connected with Siri.


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