The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the United States has filed a lawsuit against the former senior Director of Apple’s corporate law and corporate Secretary Gina Levita. He was accused of using insider information while trading, which is a violation of the laws of the country, said the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA.

According to the Commission, since 2011 the exchange has been transaction in the Commission of which, Levoff used income data from reports of the companies. Dishonest the player was able to get thus not less than 227 thousand dollars, and avoid losses amounting to about 377 thousand.

Levoff for 10 years was one of the most senior Apple employees, leading, including, and the Department of corporate law. His task was to prevent the use of insider information by employees. In September 2018, after the authorities handed compromising his data management, Levoff was fired.

Now the securities Commission requests Levoff to fine and ban him from working in public companies. The Prosecutor’s office against him is a criminal investigation.

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