Moscow, 20 APR — “News. Economics” a Former student of the private College of Saint rose in new York Vishwanath Akuthota pleaded guilty to bringing in disrepair tens of computers in educational institutions with the help of USB Killer, reports The Verge.

This is a specific USB device is designed for instant overloading and destruction of schemes of computers. This is stated in the official statement of the Ministry of justice, the FBI and Albany police Department.

The young man now faces up to 10 years in prison (up to three years of follow-up after release) and a fine of up to $250 thousand, He was arrested and taken into custody in North Carolina on February 22, a little over a week after he started using the USB device Killer in various places of the College campus.

Vishwanath Akuthota managed to “fry” with the stick 66 computers. USB Killer can be bought over the Internet. It is possible that the device has Russian roots. Details about USB 2.0 Killer appeared in 2015. The prototype of the stick, which is able to destroy almost any device or USB port, then submitted to the Russian scholar, known under the pseudonym Dark_Purple.

In November 2015 Dark_Purple even launched his own campaign to raise funds for the production of Killer USB 2.0, but seem to run the gadget in production and failed.

At the end of August 2016, some Hong Kong-based company entered the market with the USB project Kill, in which released a Killer device USB and device Test Shield that can be used with the “flash-killer”, and it will protect the host from damage. Both handsets are available for order and delivery is carried out worldwide. USB Killer can be purchased for 49,95 euros, and Test Shield will cost 13.95 euros.

According to the official website of the project, the working principle of USB Killer is similar to the operation of the device Dark_Purple: when connected to a USB port on the gadget charges the capacitors and in the end releases -200VDC, attacking the device that is connected. All this is repeated in a loop many times until Killer USB connected to the USB port. The manufacturer positions the device as a gadget for testers.

Your act of vandalism Akuthota filmed. However, he pronounced the words: “I’m gonna kill this guy.” Because law enforcement was necessary evidence of deliberate damage, which in total amounts to $58471.

While acknowledging his guilt, he has agreed to pay the College the amount. Journalists asked for comments to the College administration, but the school official said the law enforcement bodies asked the College to refrain from commenting.

Victims of hooliganism began, according to the indictment, 59 computers upravleniem Microsoft Windows seven and Apple iMac. Also Akuthota attacked “multiple monitors and digital departments” equipped with USB ports. For some reason, he decided to destroy the computers in the message of Ministry of justice not specified.

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