Or maybe he’s just mean?

Former Director of marketing for Apple’s Michael gartenberg talked about the fact that he got bent iPad Pro 2018. Ex-Manager of the company said that the curved case of his tablet was more than noticeable, so he did not hesitate to go to the store and returned the money for the device.

According to Gartenberg, Apple should not allow such flaws in their devices. He compared the slightly curved case iPad Pro with dead pixels on monitors that are not acceptable and considered marriage. While gartenberg stressed that the curve of the body of the tablet was small, but nevertheless noticeable.

Remarkably, returned the iPad Pro was the second in a row, which Gartenberg had to take it back to Apple. The first iPad, which a former top Manager was not told in social networks, also had a curved body.

Earlier Apple saidthat the new iPad Pro 2018 are the most precise and flat among all ever released tablet of the company. Apple also denied rumors that the company allows you to return curved out of the box iPad and replace them with new ones. And users of the latest iPad Pro 2018 mass statedthat no problems with the curved hulls of their tablet does not.

Source: Twitter.


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