An unusual bug.

Subscribers of mobile operator “MegaFon” complained a new unpleasant crash, which from the accounts a user is charged for 649 rubles for the connection of unnecessary services. The employees claim that we are talking about a temporary glitch that MegaFon intends to eliminate in the shortest possible time. However, the subscribers need to know about the possible threat.

Subscribers of “MegaFon” complained subscription to “the Online World”, the fee for which is 649 rubles per day. The service connects callers directly during the conversation in the chat with staff support. To be precise — waiting for a connect to chat with a live specialist.

When a customer comes into chat and asks his question, he gets an automated message about connectivity services “the Online World” with a charge of 649 rubles per day. In order to activate the service the subscriber is requested to answer “Yes” and to reject “No”.

However, even if the subscriber sends the magic word “No”, as we offer an expensive option not everyone is interested in, his room is connected to the service and the money is immediately debited. Subscribers, who faced such failure, admitted that he was shocked by the cancellation.

Fortunately for all affected subscribers, which is seen quite a bit, “MegaFon” refunds for inadvertent connection to the service. For this you need to contact support to request a refund for accidental connection to the service.


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