18 July 2018, the EU has fined Google for $ 5 billion for the solicitation of the Corporation. According to The Wall Street Journal, under the threat could be and Apple with closed operating systems.

Experts believe that in light of the adoption in relation to Google’s decision closed software products, such as iOS, should be subjected to more thorough analysis. The anti-monopoly service should investigate whether the limits of this state of Affairs opportunities for fair competition.

The journalists of the Wall Street Journal noted that the fine of the European Union refers to the policy that Google has been pursuing for about ten years. The Android operating system is available to smartphone manufacturers for free. In return for such Microsoft products as Google search, YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps should be installed by default. This allowed the search giant to collect a huge database and more effectively customize the display of ads. According to Antimonopoly service, this limits the ability of third-party developers and prevents the advancement of alternative services.

Commenting on the verdict of the European Union, Google CEO Sindar Pichai noted that:

“Google I wonder why the Board refuses to consider the closed iOS system for the Apple iPhone. The decision ignores the fact that the Android phones competing with iOS smartphones”.

Most likely, the investigation of antitrust of the EU Commission will continue. It is not known whether Google statements the Commission’s interest in Apple.


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