More than 26 thousand pupils, students, residents and graduate students filled up the card of a Muscovite using the mobile app “Metro of Moscow”. The feature appeared in the app in October 2018. Since the demand for service is growing regularly. So, in the first two weeks of April, they have used four thousand students is almost five times more than in the same period in March. The bulk of completions are due at the beginning of the month.

“With the emergence of new functions schoolchildren, students, postgraduates, and residents could pay the fare with, without having to record trips to the yellow terminal or at the ticket office at the station. To record preferential tickets for travel on the subway, you need to make a map of the Muscovite to the phone on the Android operating system with a NFC module, which supports cards of Muscovites and the “Troika”. This helps save the time of passengers”, — said the Deputy Mayor of Moscow, head of the Department of transportation and development of road transport infrastructure Maxim Liksutov.

Pupils, students, residents and postgraduate students is about 10 percent of metro passengers. They enjoy the benefits of travel. Month metro card for students is 395 rubles, land transport — 260 rubles. For public transport on the map Muscovite need to have a student card. Before the pupils, students, residents, and graduate students need to contact the ticket office or use the vending machines for tickets (these methods of recharge cards are available now).

The app “Moscow Metro” for Android began to support a new function to Paste the “Troika” of the smartphone: in the subway, new media, travel tickets

Mobile app “Metro of Moscow” has started to operate in 2017. It was downloaded more than two million passengers. Through push notifications users can be the first to learn about the introduction of new stations and scheduled repairs. The app is compatible with smart clock Android Wear and Apple Watch supports Siri voice assistant.

“The Moscow metro” allows you to build the route taking into account the schedule all city transport and suburban trains: service to find your way to specific points, calculate travel time, number of stops and the cost of the trip. In addition, in the application numbered exits from the stations and the streets to which they lead. Service is a function of the replenishment of the card “Troika” with the help of Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

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