Famous billionaire Warren Buffett is currently one of the largest investors of Apple. However, his company continues to buy shares of the iPhone maker. The last major purchase was made in may of this year. While Buffett isn’t actively using Apple technology – he has only iPad. However, he believes that Apple should be worth more than it is now.

In an interview on CNBC a major investor, Apple said the new iPhone X too low. According to Buffett, the cost just does not match the benefits to users of the device.

The billionaire compared the “anniversary” of the Apple smartphone with a private jet. The contents of the last owners every year have to spend large sums, but despite this, the use of their aircraft outweigh the costs. Buffett believes that at about the same happens with the iPhone X. However, unlike aircraft Apple smartphone is much smaller.

It is noteworthy that the investor does not use the iPhone. He likes the push-button phones. The only Apple device which he uses on a regular basis – this iPad.


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