As reported by “KP-Cheljabinsk” a resident of the South Ural capital has encountered a problem in the flagship smartphone iPhone 11 Pro Max. Being a big fan of Apple technology, the man again bought new, to pay for her order of 130 thousand roubles. However, according to him, the smartphone did not meet expectations and his price tag. — ‘m done with Apple! — said Igor. Defect chelyabinets revealed when photographed at night. In the pictures he noticed the white spots. Decided that camera dusted, wiped the lens. But the spots on the photos. Then the man take a closer look at the gadget and noticed dust inside the smartphone, under protective glass. It turned out that our fellow countryman — not the only one who is experiencing this problem. The network is walking a lot of reviews of marriage a fancy iPhone.

Five days later, was discovered in the dust chamber, fine particles of white dust (5-6 pieces). Photocast not reflected, but the fact that it is there in the machine for 65 thousand rubles., was driving me crazy. In the proposed act to a refund or to take it in for repair. Of course, I chose the act. Me warned me right away that this is a very common problem and there is no guarantee that I’ll get a new phone, and dust will not be there, — said a user under the nickname dini336.
Addressed to an authorized service with dust in the camera Pro Max. Said that will either replace the camera or replace the device. The whole process will take a maximum of 14 days, adds a user with the nickname Rinatron85. Users note that in previous models of the smartphone also noticed dust on the camera. Chelyabinets took an expensive phone to a service center. If it is confirmed that the dust got into the gadget during operation and during Assembly at the factory, the smartphone repaired for free under warranty.

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