Apple seriously intends to capture another market. Its new streaming service Apple TV+, announced March 25, is going to compete with such industry giants as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Earlier Apple has announced a few brand new exclusive TV shows, including “Morning show” — criminal drama about a violent secret life of the American morning show with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer aniston, and Steve Carell in the lead roles. But if Apple starts something new, they do it thoroughly, not sparing money. So subscribers to a streaming service Apple has promised on a new original project every month. The Christmas holidays, the company bought the film rights to the story British of the Charles Dickens classic “a Christmas Carol” — one of the most famous works of the author in the world. And not to waste time on trifles, the main roles were invited to “Deadpool and Pikachu” Ryan Reynolds and comedian and actor will Ferrell.

Service Apple TV+ will work on 1 November throughout the world. Owners of Apple technology will be available free for a trial period during the week. “A Christmas Carol” with Ryan Reynolds and will Perelom should be out by December 25 — Christmas in the Catholic calendar.

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