Moscow, November 15 — “News. Economy” the German legislators have hastened the adoption of new legislation that may force Apple to provide access to the NFC chip, allowing competing companies to establish their own platform of mobile payments on the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Last Thursday, the German Bundestag approved a new law to combat money laundering, relevant to recent EU regulations, reports Der Spiegel. As the newspaper notes, during the last parliamentary session, some MPs have complained that Apple and the U.S. Embassy tried to intervene at the last moment to prevent the adoption of the law. It is reported that the American group has filed a complaint against the law in the office of the Chancellor.

The reason was the rule that digital platforms agree to open your interface for the payment of services and applications: it also includes mobile payments system, Apple Pay, writes Der Spiegel. So now it will be impossible to carry out contactless data transmission between Apple devices and banking applications: should be used instead of more complex methods of transfer, such as reading a QR code.

The publication reports that the new law seeks to complicate the concealment of property relations within the enterprise, as well as to prevent the entry of illegal funds into the economy.

According to Reuters, the legislators quickly passed an amendment, which will complicate the work of “Apple” company in Germany. The amendment to the law on combating money laundering, which should enter into force at the beginning of next year, no specific mention of Apple, but States that any operator or infrastructure of electronic payments offered access to competitors for a reasonable fee.

The legislation reflects a growing willingness of Germany to weaken the control of US companies over technology products and services. “We are surprised at how suddenly there was adopted the law”, — have informed Apple about this. “We fear that the bill may harm the usability, data protection and the security of financial information.”

Currently, traditional banking app payments are unable to access the NFC chip in iPhone and Apple Watch and have to resort to such methods of data transfer, as QR codes. Providing participants with access to this platform (for a fee) would help to align the positions of the players, say the legislators.

Apple Pay, which allows you to pay using smartphones iPhone, is a fast-growing area of business companies, which threatens to undermine the dominance of traditional banks in retail payment systems.

A source close to the government coalition, said that the office of Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted that the Committee withdrew the amendment. Apple intends to fight: “We look forward to working with the government of Germany to help them to understand our technical approach to Apple Pay, and we will continue to work closely with the regulatory bodies of the EU.”

Earlier it was reported that the European Commission has launched an investigation against a popular payment system, Apple Pay. The Commission requested information from different payment companies that use Apple Pay, on the work of the service.

In the work of the payment system has seen signs of restriction of competition. According to the Wallet app on the iPhone does not support other payment methods, thereby forcing users to pay using Apple Pay.

The Commission representatives said that the regulator is closely monitoring the development of mobile payment solutions, the behavior of the operators who work in the financial sector, including mobile payments.

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