A new lawsuit against Apple claims patent infringement in all products with Wi-Fi-enabled Red Rock Analytics in new litigation accuses Apple of violating a patent on technology transceivers in chip Wi-Fi.

U.S. patent No. 7346313 — “Calibration of I-Q balance in transceivers” — was issued to Red Rock in March 2008, and any Apple product, compatible with 802.11 n or later violates it reads the lawsuit, filed in Federal district court for the Eastern district of Texas.

Red Rock requires an injunction against further violations, as well as court costs and damages, including interest before and after the trial.

Otherwise, it’s hard to learn more about Red Rock, except that the company officially operates in Swampscott Massachusetts. She had previously filed a similar lawsuit against Samsung on the same patent, according to court documents, but the status of this case is uncertain — Samsung has filed a counterclaim.

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