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How the use of Finance will rebuild in the future market processes? What are the ways of development? What awaits us in the near future? Knows Catherine grandfather of Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner.

Another material on the topic “What happens to pineham in Russia?”: no scandal, no intrigue, no investigation. Just a good layout on a given subject, with examples and figures. Useful!

By June, Russia will have a road map for the development of the blockchain. In addition it will also prepare a road map for other cross-cutting technologies that includes big data, Neurotechnology and artificial intelligence.

The Ministry of communications has submitted a draft law on a unified digital profile of the Russians, which will contain passport data, SNILS and INN. The system would provide a loan and provide an opportunity to get public services online.

Evolution of financial services available today is impossible without the introduction of digital technology, it is an axiom that is, even the experts agree. But are the Russians to switch to digital financial services?

Central Bank for the first time in four years, will give a banking license! It will be Kazan “Bank 131”, which even offices to open plans. Founder — Dmitry Eremeev — owner of the international IT holding Fix with a turnover of $100 million. At the start of the main advantage of the Bank will be a huge customer base cashback service ePN.bz, in which about 3 million users.

And did you notice that the number of banks offering debetowe with interest on the balance, increased? Why? Well, first, “the customer went wrong” and does not want to take plastic without such a bonus, it is convenient when one product combines the ability to spend and accumulate. And secondly, for banks it is a beneficial tool to attract funds and clients, fee income…

Big and very useful material about the System of quick payments Save Money: “In the voluntary-compulsory order sooner or later, all will become participants in the system.”

Good the outcome of the forum FinMachine 2019: “As artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data help the Bank to be more effective?”.

In Rusbase has collected seven of the lectures about AI. After reviewing them, you can learn all about how the machine learning what are neural networks and what are the risks of a technological singularity.

Visa and “Equifax” to launch credit scoring, which examines the payment behavior of customers. The service will help banks to better assess decisions on loans!

“Yandex. Money” started closed beta service of multi-currency transfers. Say you will pay ten foreign currencies (US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Belarusian rubles, tenge, yen, yuan, Swiss franc, Czech Koruna and Polish zloty), with cashback and buns!

And users “Sberbank Online” will now be able to change the card’s PIN code via the app. And there it will be possible to prepay the loan, not to trudge to the office to write a statement.

According to the Russian bankers about the map from Apple. In roles: Sergey Brynin (“Alfa Bank”), Oleg Ryazhenov-Sims (“Conscience”), Danil Anisimov (“Tinkoff Bank”), Grigory Babadzhanyan (“Mail Bank”). And here’s a look at a new product from the well-known Apple blogger, Alex Patza (alexmak) living in the United States.


Weiss Ratings reviewed over 120 of cryptocurrency, and presented a new report about emerging trends in the market of digital assets. Top 3 most promising coins: XRP, BTC and EOS.

Joint report Dsight and EY — Venture Russia 2018: “In 2018, the volume of venture capital market in Russia amounted to $714,7 million, an increase compared to 2017 in half”.

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