A true technological revolution on the doorstep!

A team of scientists led by the Nobel prize in chemistry Robert Grubbs invented a revolutionary battery based on fluoride. A key feature of unique is the incredible battery energy density, due to which battery can give up to eight times more charge as compared to modern Li-ion batteries. The use of fluoride batteries is a new type of smartphones will allow users to charge their mobile device once a week.

Fluoride battery considered a formidable competitor to the usual lithium-ion batteries. However, the mass production of the batteries the new type does not get heat fluoride battery up to 150°C. In this regard, the use of batteries in consumer devices is not possible.

Team Robert Grubbs for several years worked on the study and revision of the fluoride batteries and managed to find a solution. The researchers used the batteries negative fluoride ions and a new type of electrolyte bis ether. Due to unusual solution, in which fluoride ions are mixed with electrons at room temperature, experts managed to eliminate excessive heating of the battery.

According to scientists, now fluoride batteries have no obstacles to the emergence in technology for the mass market. Batteries based on fluoride can be found the widest application in smartphone, tablets, laptops, and electric vehicles. In all cases the battery life of the devices due to the batteries of new type will increase to eight times.

However, scientists stressed that the finalization of the technology will need some time. In addition, you will need to conduct the necessary testing. Because of this, even approximate release dates of the first devices with fluoride battery with significantly increased capacity at the moment, no.

Source: SA.


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