In anticipation of the entry of new OTT platforms from Disney, WarnerMedia, Apple and NBCUniversal, the opinions of specialists are divided. Some believe that the opportunities and prospects became more other, on the contrary, the market is full.

New statistics Hub Research — in favor of the latter.

The company conducted an online survey of 631 U.S. 1 user video services. 24% said they decorated their subscriptions more than enough — according to the survey, conducted in April last year, this figure was 14%.

More than a third of respondents (36%) are more likely to refuse one or two of the current subscription before signing up for a new OTT service.

At the Hub believe that in 2019 the average number furnished per household subscriptions will decrease slightly — from 4.6% (last year data) to 4.5.

According to the survey, conducted last week, another analytical firm TDG, only 10% of respondents are willing to abandon 1-2 current subscriptions. However, TDG emphasize that their data is not quite correct to correlate with the data Hub.

Hub also found that the percentage of pay TV subscribers among the respondents for the year decreased by 9% to 75%. Netflix subscribers has increased by 1%, their proportion among the respondents, now — 62%. A growing percentage of subscribers, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu: from 32% to 37% and from 18% to 26%, respectively.

Among the respondents the percentage of those using at least two of the three major SVOD services, for the year increased from 35% to 42%

SOURCE: Multichannel News

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