More powerful! More! Better! For professional users! Under such slogans were produced in recent years, a new iPad. In the spring of 2019 Apple suddenly released the iPad mini. And while all are wondering Explorer “360” tested the product and came to the conclusion that this is perhaps the most underrated in this year device.

If we turn to retrospect and look at all the tablets that Apple has released in recent years, there are two ideas that were laid in these devices. It all started with gadgets for content consumption. To be honest, watch movies and videos on iPhone — not the most exciting activity. The screen is still not the greatest. But if we’re talking about devices that produced some 3-4 years ago it was a major form factor with a display around five inches, which is quite a bit. The first iPad was a breakthrough: a really big and comfortable touch screen, coupled with powerful hardware allowed to do anything. Bill gates could be as many call the original iPad “a good reader, and no more” but “more” was and some more. Apple has once again formed a new grocery segment. In the next few years all major manufacturers of mobile devices, from Samsung to Huawei released their lineup of tablets.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

The second idea came later and was associated with the appearance of iPad Pro, although it affected all versions of the devices. New target audience became professional users: musicians, artists, designers, journalists — people who used a powerful tool for content creation. They were offered additional options — enhanced security, powerful hardware and, finally, the stylus pen as the tool for the job.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

IPad mini (2019) device — unexpected. It looks very archaic and don’t seem to have changed over the years. Judge for yourself:

— Dimensions remains at 7.9 inches and a weight of 308 grams. The gadget is really possible to hold with one hand and not be the slightest discomfort.

Screen supporting True Tone. It is very convenient and important during prolonged use — for example, when watching movies. In this sense, a True Tone, the iPad mini is more significant than even the iPhone.

— Button at the bottom of the screen. Importantly, work with, and all the mechanics “besknopochnogo” devices — for example, management swipe.

— Headphone Jack. And this is really good news. Personally I love the AirPods, and the wires are incredibly annoying. But the iPad is a long-term static content consumption, and it wants to completely to dive into it. This, of course, more appropriate full closed headphones, not “plugs”.

— Wide frame around the screen. Don’t know about you, but I they are quite strained. The ability to take the device in hand for frame, not the screen — it’s cool.

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