Anyone who uses the iPhone as a working tool, there must be clear and easy to use calendar. MacDigger edition presents a selection of applications that help to streamline daily business.

Depending on the type of employment and lifestyle needs of different people may vary significantly. The app, which is ideal for one, will not consider the half needs the other. Therefore, it is important to know that even among apps calendar there are many programs that you can customize to fit the individual needs of the user.

Standard Apple Calendar

This program has a very user-friendly features: it displays day and number on the application icon, allows you to scroll through the list of events, clearly shows the weekly schedule and synced with calendars on other Apple devices.

User can maintain multiple calendars in one app, pull up the necessary data, for example, about the travel route using Apple Maps, and a quick review of existing plans.

However, the autocomplete feature leaves much to be desired, the app does not understand commands in natural language, and in too many cases the user is very difficult to figure out their own schedule.

Fantastical 2

This app takes the second place in the category “Productivity”. You can download it from the App Store for 379 rubles.

It allows you to quickly add new events, set reminders, use Google maps. The app has a concise and beautiful design, and most importantly — recognizes natural speech. For example, Fantastical 2 is able to understand what it means to “dinner with friends on Saturday at 7 PM” and make the calendar the event.

Today widget shows you current plans without having to open the program itself.

Week Calendar

This app takes the 12th place in the ranking of programs to improve productivity. It can be downloaded from the App Store for 229 rubles.

Week Calendar is designed for users with a busy schedule. It can display different time periods on a single screen and allows you to easily drag and drop events from one date to another.

Unfortunately, the program does not recognize commands in natural language, but allows you to add weather forecasts, reminders about important events, sports events, concerts and birthdays.

The user can set color labels, and special icons for each event type.

Calendars 5

Calendars 5 ranks 11th place in the category “Productivity”. The app can be downloaded from the App Store for 529 rubles, there are in-app purchases.

This application relates to a family of products, the company Readdle, which has developed such programs for iOS and macOS as PDF Expert, Spark and Documents.

It understands natural speech, compatible with Google maps and Reminders Apple. The user can compile a to-do list or to plan the schedule for the day, week or month. The program provides wide opportunities for personal settings.

Google Calendar

The app, which occupies the tenth place and the rating of productivity, can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

The program supports the possibility of generating plans in natural language that is tightly integrated with Gmail and allows you to add notes to the selected events.


This program got 142 position in the category “Productivity”. The program can be downloaded from the App Store for 379 rubles.

BusyCal may be well known to users of the macOS. Overall, the program is similar to other apps from this collection. With its help, the user can create events using natural speech, and add tags.

Among the features of the application worth noting is the weather forecast for the next 10 days that is useful to those that are often outdoors, the possibility of integration with Reminders and notification of travel time.


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