In the past, the network has already appeared information about the plans of Apple to create a single subscription for some of its services. According to the publication Bloomberg something similar could appear in the next year.

The newspaper’s sources claim that now cupertinos engaged in study of special single subscription, which will be distributed to three service – Apple News+ , Apple Music and Apple TV+. Exactly how much will cost such a proposal, is not specified.

According to the authors from Bloomberg, Apple representatives, the company has already achieved some success. In particular, they were able to negotiate with publishers service News +. In the end, the cupertinos will get less profit. However, the company expects that the launch of a new subscription will significantly increase the audience of the services.

It is worth noting that some time ago the Financial Times reported not too successful negotiations between Apple and music brands on the introduction of a single subscription for some Apple services. Then some major record companies have expressed concern that after the launch of such proposals and their income will decrease.


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