Unpleasant change of the Apple app store.

In October, Apple “quietly” updated the App store, implementing a very strange innovation. Apple has removed from the pages of apps and games information about in-app purchases. Because of this, users will not be able to know what and how expensive in-app purchases are available in a particular application.

Earlier on the page of each app with in-app purchases you can easily know which purchases are offered by the developer. With this information users can quickly determine whether it is necessary to contact the application or not.

For example, seeing the list in-app purchase item “Unlock full game”, the user will immediately understand that he is interested in a free game is not free. Having these important data, the user is immediately determined if he needed to install the game or not.

Now in the App Store this is impossible. From the pages of the application is missing detailed information about in-app purchases. With what is the solution Apple is currently unknown.

Source: tekrevue.


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