Some time ago experts from the University of Cambridge, rice University, and SRI International found in the Thunderbolt vulnerability that allows you to access user data stored in the memory of Apple computers, as well as to introduce the system of malicious content.

According to experts, the peripheral devices that connect to a Mac via Thunderbolt, are in the system more privileges than the accessories which can be connected via other interfaces. After recognizing a Thunderbolt device, the system immediately opens access to the operating system partitions, which may contain potentially important information.

Experts say that the vulnerability exists in all models of Apple computers that were released after 2011. Also it is present in all generations of Thunderbolt. Thus, it is possible to say that jeopardized millions of computers around the world.

It should be noted that experts have shared with the producers of information about the vulnerability in the Thunderbolt long before the publication of data. Their discovery they have made in 2016. For this reason, now a security hole is partially closed.


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