Recently, the journalist of Business Insider published an article titled “All the shortcomings of the iPhone” and collecting a set of stereotypical thoughts, from which all were tired.

Antonio Villa-Barefoot together with Clancy Morgan created the material, which told that they don’t like the iPhone. People with a decade of experience working with Apple say about the superiority of Android, once again forgetting about his shortcomings.

Antonio started with cables and criticized Apple for the use of USB technology-A complete with iPhone X and iPhone 8.

“I buy a new phone unpack it and can’t connect to the laptop,” complains Villa Boss.

This claim again and again by all the Apple haters, and, at first glance, it seems quite fair. On the other hand, who the hell needs it? Many iPhone owners no MacBook, and they do not care which socket the cable connects to the power supply. Even the owners of Apple computers not to connect the smartphone to the laptop, because it is not necessary. So the argument from the USB A very weak and applies only to those who want to prikopat to the company, Tim cook.

The following claim.

“The iPhone has no 3.5 mm headphone Jack,” said Antonio.

Yes, in 2018, when such a connector there is no longer half of the smartphone market. Besides, on one of my iPhone has a mini-Jack, only now he is I don’t need, when there is AirPods. Progress is relentless, and the market of wireless headphones actively developing. Stick with a 3.5 mm Jack connection in modern smartphones — is absurd. And if it is really necessary, that is, iPhone SE.

Then Villa Boss moved to iOS.

“Android is just easier and faster. This system is smarter. She’s just better,” said the Villa Boss.

And this is a very controversial statement. If Android and best for anyone, so it is for Google. The company collects vast amounts of information about users to sell to third parties. This was stated by the researcher Douglas Schmidt.

“In the course of the study, Schmidt found that a normal Android smartphone in standby mode, running the Chrome browser gave location information 340 times in 24 hours. A similar experiment with the iPhone and Safari showed that Google gets very little data, if the user does not interact with the device.”

But now not about it. Antonio told about the convenience of Android to the example of how easy Google get to Bluetooth settings.

“Let’s say I need to open the Bluetooth settings on the iPhone. To do this, I need to find the Settings app. To find the Bluetooth. And only then will I be able to change something. In Android, it is sufficient to pull the curtain with notifications and hold your finger on the icon for Bluetooth,” said the Villa Boss.

The journalist wrote that the transition to the settings on iPhone only need to ask Siri “Open Bluetooth settings” or press on the settings icon and select the appropriate item. Not too difficult. It is only a matter of taste and nothing more. And to attribute it to the cons at least too pretentious.

Antonio also talked about the fact that he was unhappy a large number of pre-installed on the iPhone software. Probably built into the keyboard is on the HTC smartphones and a notice advertising in the flagship devices of Samsung it confuse less. There really is nothing to talk about.

In the end, the journalist acknowledged that there is no perfect device, and everyone chooses what he likes. Actually, you need to think about this and not to write articles which are contrasted the two systems, and everything that is not like, served as a critical flaw that will affect the lives of all members, without exception.


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