In the past the specialists of iFixit has managed to disassemble and to assess the maintainability iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, they did not evaluate the cost of components. It decided to engage experts TechInsights . Recently they calculated the approximate cost of the components required for the Assembly of one iPhone 11 Pro Max.

It is noteworthy that unlike most other smartphones the most expensive item in iPhone 11 Pro Max is a pack of three cameras. It was estimated at 73.5 dollars. The second value is the display module. According to experts from TechInsights, a 6.5-inch OLED screen is the Apple 66.5 dollars. Closes the three most expensive components of the Apple chip A13 – it valued at $ 64.

In the end, all the components required to build iPhone 11 Pro Max has been evaluated by specialists at TechInsights 490,5 dollars. It should be noted that the calculations are approximate in nature.

In TechInsights estimates are not considered development costs, research, advertising, creation and logistics. For this reason, it is impossible to say that experts have estimated the cost of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.


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