Apple likes to decide what is better and more useful to the client, because it affects future earnings. Some devices show what the company went to a “marketing gimmick” with no associated benefit to the consumer.

There are accessories that change gadgets so that perception and user needs change.

Magnetic holder for AirPods

Apple is trying to convince customers that AirPods headphones — perfect because they are wireless and are easily charged. In fact, the user receives an accessory over 11 thousand rubles, which is easy to lose and need to carry a box (the box also has to charge).

Many would like to buy AirPods, but not willing to risk losing one earphone, and then to pay almost the full price pair to get new. Come to the aid of accessories like shown in the picture. Thanks to them, the earpiece out of your ear, will not disappear, but will remain on the neck.

It is hoped that the independent companies will be able to attach this accessory plug for charging, so you can even give up the box.

On AliExpress and Ebay such holders of the sea, and at a price of $ 10 appears a good choice.

Stylus pen for iPad with 3.5 mm connector

When Apple released a stylus for the iPad Pro, users have asked a lot of questions, here are the two most important:

• “Why only for Pro? Than our iPad Air/mini worse?”
• “7 thousand rubles for the stylus? Why is it so expensive?”

The developers SonarPen, apparently, do not understand what guided Apple, and released their stylus on the market cost $ 30, that is 4 times cheaper than the Apple Pencil.

The accessory connects to your iPad or iPhone via the 3.5 mm connector and Lightning adapter supports. SonarPen responds to pressure, equipped with a smart button and supports the function of determining the palm of your hand (holding the stylus to the hand interacted with a touch screen).

Complete with stylus pen Lightning port with magnet to which you can attach a stylus.

The main drawback SonarPen before Apple Pencil is that the accessory does not work via Bluetooth. But, at least, should not be charged.

Order SonarPen on KickStarter.

External hard drive for iPhone

IPhone after the first vacation they realize that their smartphone quite a bit, and iCloud is not rubber. You have to either independently transfer photos and videos to another storage medium or to spend money on the expansion of cloud storage.

If you do not want to pay Apple that decided that everyone would be better off without an SD slot, you can purchase an external drive, such as PhotoFast TubeDrive.

The device can be found in “Yandex.Market” at a price of 3 000 rubles. PhotoFast TubeDrive and other accessories of this type usually support their own app through which you can upload your photos, create backups, and more, for which Apple takes a monthly payment.


Phil Schiller on every iPhone boast how much better working battery in the new model. The majority of the users as in 2007, charge the device every day.

There are a number of covers for the batteries, and we offer to pay attention to FITCAZE, which also supports wireless charging.

The creators FITCAZE are proud that their case is narrower and cheaper than the design competition. Thanks to wireless charging for the iPhone 7 can simultaneously charge the phone and listen to music via the Lightning connector.

FITCAZE price is $ 55, but for an additional $ 15, the developers will send their branded wireless charging, and for $ 20 — charging holder for car.

Order FITCAZE on Indiegogo.

Cover with an improved antenna

Optimizing the location of iPhone through the headphone Jack and Home button, Apple has done little to signal quality. Everyone knows that going on the road, is to turn the phone into airplane mode, otherwise the phone will constantly search for signal and will quickly lose battery life.

Engineer and entrepreneur Pete pan am confident that the problem is easy to solve. He used a patented technology and created the case, which improves the performance of the iPhone built-in miniature antennas for receiving mobile signal, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Case Firefly from Pete pan has recently raised the necessary capital on KickStarter and will soon be on the market.


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