The company Micron Technology has introduced its first SSD memory-based XPoint 3D. It is called the X100 and, as the company claims, is the fastest SSD in the world. Delivery partners will start before the end of this year, and in the full sale it obviously will be released in 2020.

The X100 uses an interface PCI Express 3.0 x16 and comes with eight-pin power connector, as well as a fairly massive radiator. The drive is designed for data centers, servers and cloud systems.

Speed sequential read/write up to 9 GB/sec, and the number of operations of input-output when working with random blocks is 2.5 million IOPS. Capacity and cost have not been announced, but in the near future the company promises to announce more detailed specifications.

Unknown at this time when there is a consumer SSD with 3D memory production Micron XPoint. So far in the market there is only Intel, but probably soon to be on sale and they.

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