At the end of last year, Google released the app for “digital prosperity” (Digital Wellbeing), which displays the smartphone usage statistics and allows you to limit the amount of time spent in different programs. Similar function — Screen Time to count activity implemented by Apple in iOS 12.

However, Digital Wellbeing is only available on devices with the latest version of Android — 9.0 (Pie) and higher. Defect fixes ActionDash — independent utility from the author of Action Launcher and Tweet Lanes. It tracks everything: the total number of screen time, the number of smartphone releases and notifications received, and also while using instant messengers, social networking, browser, and other programs.

Introducing ActionDash! A device usage visualizer that takes the Digital Wellbeing app as a starting point, brings it to all Android devices, and greatly enhances it with deeper insights & customizations! Info: Install:

— Chris Lacy (@chrismlacy) 18 Jan 2019

Importantly, the new product compatible with old Android devices (starting with Lollipop 5.0, which was released in 2014) and supports functions that have not yet been implemented in Digital Wellbeing. Thanks ActionDash, for example, you can see how much time is wasted on tape Instagram, or how many alerts sends WhatsApp per day. Says Creator ActionDash by Chris Lacy, is gathering data never leaves the device, are not forwarded to him, nor to third parties. However, if desired, in the settings you can specify that a backup was kept on the “Google Drive”, Dropbox or memory card.

∎An early version of Android 10 Q: dark, design, desktop mode see also

ActionDash available for free download from Google Play. For access to some functions (dark color theme, backups, detailed statistics of usage) the developer is asking for $7, or about 249 rubles.

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