According to analysts Loup Ventures, today more and more people pay different purchases using mobile payment services. Currently, about one in five smartphone users used the device as a digital wallet. Thus in near future this figure will only grow. According to experts, in the future it can reach 80%.

As for the individual payment systems, the report Loup Ventures became aware of the high popularity of Apple Pay. Analysts say that at the moment this service is approximately every third owner of an iPhone.

According to the experts active audience now, Apple Pay is already more than 250 million people. In this case, along with the increase in the number of users grows and the volume of transactions. Over the past year it has increased by 200%.

Growth of Apple Pay is helping a growing number of banks operating with this system. In less than a year their number increased from 1701 to 4900. The highest growth was recorded in Europe about 370%.


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